Energy Clearing and Healing Meditation

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Sherrie, is there a blessing I can use, to get rid of a shroud of darkness and negativity?

Thank you for the question Misty Fox, sending blessings your way. Please try the following meditation.

You can heal. Optimum health and emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing requires a consistent flow of high vibration energy through your total being. Thinking positive thoughts and loving and forgiving yourself and others increases and allows nourishing and revitalizing energy to flow through you.

However, we are not always consciously aware of the negative energy and past emotional pain and trauma that lies hidden within our body, mind and spirit. When we suppress and repress emotional pain and traumatic experiences, this forms energy crystals which block and obstruct the essential flow of energy throughout the body. Similarly, old and habitual negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, fear and anger creates a sluggish and low vibrational energy frequency.

It is never too late to free yourself from the damaging effects of unknown and hidden destructive emotional and mental energy. As you uncover and release old and low frequency energy, the authentic you emerges like a full blooming lotus from the dark depths.


The following meditation/visualization will empower you to release and dissolve past and hidden emotional wounds and negativity that have formed crystalized and damaging pockets of energy.

Lie down or sit in a comfortable and quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and begin to breathe long deep and relaxing breaths. When you are relaxed, imagine breathing white light energy down through the top of the head and move it down through your body. Release any stress and tension as you exhale. Continue to breathe white light breath down through the top of the head and exhale any stress and tension anywhere in the body as you exhale.

If you are having a difficult time, moving white light breath through the body, ask for presence of an angel or archangel or Mother Mary to assist you.

Once you feel a sense of lightness and relaxation, inhale a long deep breath of white light down through the top of the head and slowly move it through the body, scanning your body as you do this. Become aware of any place in your body where you feel tense, tight or sore. Take note of these places and continue to breathe and scan for any other places of tightness or tension.

Once you have completely scanned your body, draw your attention to the area where you feel the most tension and tightness. Tune into the energy of this area. Imagine that this energy has a particular color and texture. It might be ruff, smooth, mushy or hard or any other texture. Once you have a sense of its color and texture, imagine that this energy has a voice and can speak to you. What is it saying? If the energy does not speak to you, this is fine. Just continue to tune into it and pay attention to anything that you feel, hear, sense or know or any images that emerge.

Now imagine white light energy moving down through the top of your head, send it to this area of blocked energy. If you would like, you can also ask for the presence and assistance of angels or other divine beings. Invoking divine white light empowers, protects and heals.

Continue to breathe white light energy down through the top of your head and imagine that it is dissolving and dissipating the blocked energy. During this process, confusing emotions may surface or you may have a sudden urge to stop the mediation. This is ego-mind resistance and common when you let go of and release stuck energy. Continue breathing in white light energy and work with it to dissolve and dissipate what you no longer need.

When you feel a sense of completion, breathe and feel the energy flow through your body. Imagine this energy moving at a high frequency, uplifting your vibration to that of light. Allow this energy to fill your heart, mind and spirit, especially the places that have been stuck or feel blocked.

When you feel that that you have done all that you can at this time, take a few moments to quietly breathe and relax. Listen within and pay attention to any sensations, thoughts and feelings that surface. Send gratitude to the angels and divine beings who have assisted you in this process. Open your eyes and write down anything that you would .

NewsLetter: Intuit Your Health


Happy Spring!! Time for Renewal and New Beginnings, Perhaps, it is time to take better care of your health and wellbeing. Why not do this in a fun and interesting way. 
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Thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs play an important role in our ability to heal. This book provides everything you need to know to repair, remedy, and enhance your health, including:

  • Quizzes to determine your medical intuitive type and assess your energy health
  • Four main medical intuitive types: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual
  • Five basic medical intuitive skills: clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, and vibrational sensitivity

Developing your intuitive ability will help you make informed health care decisions and gain first-hand experience of the vast cosmic network of love and wisdom that supports mind, body and spirit wellness.

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Self Care for The Emotionally Sensitive

 images (1)    Emotional sensitivity can sometimes seem like a curse, but in truth it is a blessing. If you have been told by others that you are too thin-skinned, that you wear your heart on your sleeve or that you feel too deeply, you are likely a misunderstood, emotionally sensitive person. The good news is that your emotional sensitivity is a core aspect of your authentic self and a strength that can be beneficial to yourself and to others. But to get the most out of your innate sensitivity, you must first understand it.

If you are emotionally sensitive, you are highly attuned to emotional energy. You perceive a wider range and intensity of emotions than others. It may sometimes feel as if your emotions are magnified. Your heart may feel like it contains cymbals which cause emotions and feelings to reverberate throughout your entire body. You may absorb the worry, stress, fear and sadness of others and feel it as your own.

Your emotional sensitivity may not be a choice. But you can make a choice as to what and whose emotions and feelings you absorb. You likely are unconsciously absorbing the emotional energy of those who you love and care about and those who are in close physical proximity to. Instead of feeling the tumultuous vast array of emotions, it is possible to shift your emotional receptors to feel the higher vibrations of love.

From the beginning of time, philosophers, poets, seers and teachers have spoken of the universal power of love. Emotionally sensitive people have direct access to tuning into and absorbing this higher aspect of love. Wherever you are, you can receive and absorb the positive energy.

To shift your emotional sensitivity from absorbing stressful and unhealthy emotional energy to effectively receiving the higher vibrations of love, try these steps.  

Begin by making a commitment to yourself and informing the universe that you are no longer willing to be an emotional sponge for negative and detrimental emotional energy. As much as you may want to help others to heal or resolve their difficulties, know that feeling their pain does not dissolve it. In fact it just makes it stronger. Even though it may not seem as if you have a choice, know that you do not have to be an emotional sponge for the free floating emotional pain, negativity, stress, fear and anxiety that you may encounter in crowds, while shopping in a store or even simply sitting in your home and watching television.

Become aware of the people in your life whose feelings you are the most susceptible to absorbing. Ask yourself if you are doing this in the hope of being closer to him or her or because you feel that this is the natural way to be in a relationship. Realize that you do not have to be emotionally enmeshed with another to maintain a positive connection. This is not the same as shutting down or not being available to those who you love and care for. Instead, you are taking charge of your sensitivity and using it in a more beneficial way.

You likely absorb certain feelings and emotions, more than others. For instance, some people are more likely to feel another’s emotional pain, someone else may be more likely to absorb fear and another sadness or grief. We do this because likes attract likes. If unresolved fear, sadness or grief reside within you, you are more likely to feel it in others. Discover your emotional wounds and heal and release them. This will prevent you from unconsciously attracting  and absorbing these emotions and feelings in others.

Spend time alone. Listen within to the inner voice of your authentic self. When emotions and feelings surface, ask yourself if this emotion is your own or someone else’s. If this is not your emotion ask yourself what the source of it is and let go of it. Once you identify that the origin of a feeling or emotion is another, it is easy to release it.

If you feel overwhelmed by feelings, but you are not able to name them and feel confused, give yourself time and don’t push yourself. Be compassionate and patient. You have likely been emotionally sensitive since childhood and it may take some time to sort through your emotions and get to the core of your genuine personal feelings. 

Have a source of positive energy in your life. Many find love, peace and solace in a spiritual practice. Meditation, rituals and quiet time in nature can provide you with the opportunity to  connect with the pure energy of unconditional love. Create a safe place in your home where you can relax, unwind and come into balance.

Do not feel shame or embarrassment if you need more alone time than others. Be honest about your needs. If you do not want to socialize in large groups or in an environment that feels overwhelming, graciously decline and take care of yourself. Others may not understand you, so it is especially critical for your well being that you understand and have compassion for yourself. As you do this you will be able to be more present and available to the people and activities that are most important to you.

Look at yourself in the mirror in the morning with a smile of recognition. You are the one. Brave and a beacon of light, let your soul be seen. In this world of confusion and struggle, you are the lighthouse that shines bright in the darkness. 


Springtime Beauty for Your Soul

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????You cannot fully know yourself through the thinking mind alone. In the depths of your soul you are subtle essence, difficult to grasp and always changing. When your conscious mind and your pure essence intersect, it is always a surprise. It can feel like a vast expansive opening where you feel the peace and joy of the moment in singular awareness.

To lure your essence into your conscious awareness, takes patience, solitude and compelling quiet. This aspect of your true self often surfaces when you are surrounded by natural beauty. In the forest, a garden, along the seashore, a lake, river or desert, there is an intoxicating  perfume that entices the soul.

Be alone in nature, look at the sky, breathe in the energy of nature and your soul will emerge. If you cannot be outdoors in natural beauty, fresh flowers, a water fountain, a garden, the starry sky or the view outside of a window can also have the same effect. Wherever you are, just be. Give yourself time without any expectations. Be in the moment and whatever your experience is, accept it. Feel the beauty of nature, drink it in and absorb it into your mind, body and spirit.

Your soulful essence may only emerge for a scant moment. Then quickly submerge once again, to hide out underneath your thoughts and feelings. But it is there. You may feel it in a variety of ways. It can be a sudden awareness of your connectedness with all of life. You may become aware that everything is in divine order. Your worries, stress and fears may take flight and dissolve. The light of who you are, fills you.  Maybe just for a slight small moment, you feel and know the power that resides within you.

If you are fortunate enough to experience your truth in this way. Stay in this awareness for as long as possible. It is a sacred and precious awareness that can be all too fleeting. Soon your soul seems to recede, but the clear awareness of its light will stay with you. Tuck it into your heart and keep it close. Even though you may no longer be consciously aware of  this crystal clear emergence, it is still with you. Behind your thoughts and feelings and emotions, the pure you is present, observing, inspiring and offering love and wisdom.

Thinking Intuition

10678682_793459830711439_9158001403309668299_n         In my work as a professional intuitive I have discovered that intuition surfaces in four primary ways, through our emotions, our spirit, and the physical body and through the mind. I call these different intuitive modalities your intuitive type. You are most likely a combination of two or more primary types. (In my book, Discover Your Psychic Type there is a quiz that will help you to decipher your intuitive strengths and weaknesses)

Although thinking and intuition may seem to be at opposite ends of one another, they can be quite compatible. A mental intuitive absorbs energy information through their thoughts, instantaneous knowing, quick insights and ahh moments. Often naturally telepathic, they are able to tune into the thoughts of another or a group and can intuit future trends and solutions to common problems

Because their intuition surfaces through ideas, understanding systems and insight, they can often be found in such fields as science, medicine, technology and cutting edge research, innovation and invention.  Quite often mental intuitives do not recognize their intuitive insight as anything other than their own thinking. They love to intuit, but they do not always recognize their own often insightful and usually exacting intuitive ability. I love it that Steven Jobs, clearly a mental intuitive, claimed his intuition as a strong and valuable asset.

Of intuition he said: “Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drowned your own inner voice. And most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

If you are a mental intuitive, recognizing and encouraging your natural intuition will empower you to make the best use of it. The mental intuitive’s biggest challenge may be to differentiate between the constant mental chatter of the thinking brain and the insightful flow of unbiased clear intuition. Begin the process by making the assumption that you are intuitive. The simple intent of acceptance will save you much time and effort, over-thinking and guessing as to whether or not you are intuitive. Mental intuitives have the tendency to get bogged down in inner arguments and intense focus.  Attempting to figure out and logically discern intuitive thoughts just doesn’t work.  Instead, a relaxed, lucid, even day-dreamy imaginative thought flow, is the optimum state to achieve. Find something that soothes the brain. Listening to music, exercising, especially running and swimming, driving through the countryside, doing mundane physical tasks, such as mowing the lawn, folding the laundry, creative activity such as painting or gardening, anything that gives your mind something to focus on without over-thinking, helps. While your brain is busy, your intuition will take this as an opportunity to sneak into your consciousness. You may have had this experience. We often call it an ahha moment when out of seemingly nowhere we receive an answer or understanding that has previously eluded us. 

The obvious activity that many people “think” should work and be helpful is meditation. While meditation has many benefits and certainly the ability to tune into your intuition is one of them, all too often, people expect too much and put pressure on themselves to quickly achieve a calm and clear mind. Unfortunately instead of peace this only promotes frustration and stress, not exactly what you were aiming for.  If you regularly meditate or you find that you can easily achieve a quiet receptive state by all means jump in, if not, know that there are other ways to tune within and receive intuitive information.

The next step is to be become aware of the difference between your intuition and your thinking mind. Unlike the chattering of endless thoughts, intuitive knowing is awareness that emerges as a cohesive whole. It is not a step by step logical process. You simply know. This knowing may be accompanied by a slight or sometimes pronounced, buzz of energy or tingling sensation. With your intuition there will be a moment, when you simply know that a thought or insight is true and authentic. I give readings most days of the week for people all over the world and I have been doing this for many years. Yet, almost every day I receive information that surprises me. This is another common indicator that you are receiving intuitive information. You will be surprised and even a bit jolted by a new insight. The thinking mind can only tell you what it knows. It will feed you information based on your beliefs, past experiences, judgments, biases and education. Your intuition could care less if you believe or trust what it broadcasts your way.  Even if you reject an intuitive knowing as impractical nonsense, it will return and persist.

This brings us to the next step. The art of developing a receptive and open mind and learning how to simply listen without letting the thinking brain take over. When you feel you are receiving intuitive information or are not sure but suspect it is possible, stop and listen.  This of course, is not so easy for the mental intuitive. The mental intuitive’s brain at work might look like a house overly decorated with streaming flashing lights at Christmas. You know the ones where people come from miles around to view and marvel at the time, expense and sanity of those who devote their lives to creating the visual wonder. Instead of lighting up all of your circuits, pull back, take a deep breath, and listen.  Train your brain to accomplish this and you will soon be amazed at your intuitive capabilities. Think of yourself as a reporter covering a story. Your job is to listen and if possible write down what you receive. That is it. Do not try to figure it out, understand the why, when, how and who. Just accept what you receive in its entirety. You can at a later time let loose the thinking brain and let it mull over what it is that you have intuited.

Okay, mental intuitive, you are well armed (or at least beginning steps armed).  Boldly intuit the stuff that we need figured out. You are our tough minded, solution seeking, discoverers, writers, liberators, cutting edge inventors and creators. The world needs you just about now.

To read more about Your Psychic Type: Check out my book Discover Your Psychic Type

The Power of Day Dreaming

101010103      Your authentic self is a creator. It bundles together your wishes, soul gifts and purpose and inspires you with greater possibilities. Influencing you through dreams and visions, your true self seeks to lift your spirit and cast you into a compelling inner landscape of what can be. When we are relaxed and in that in-between place, where our conscious self joins forces with our soulful urges, magic happens. Day-dreaming, relaxing and drifting off into the sublime state of being is powerful.

Day-dreaming has been given a tough rap. It is not something that most people aspire to and it is generally thought of as a lazy way to spend time. But, there is a positive purpose behind closing your eyes and letting your imagination run wild. Day dreaming allows you to connect with the joy of your soul and see and feel it in action. Experiencing and envisioning your day dreams, allows them to manifest.

Try this: Take some time to imagine a life of freedom, joy and happiness. Close your eyes and in your mind’s eye imagine a scene that inspires and spreads tingles of energy through your body. Make it as real as you can. Notice the detail. Allow it to change and morph into new visions and scenarios. Relax, dream and imagine…

Outside of the known and predictable, the new resides. All possibilities are available to you. Let the limitations and boundaries fall away. Accept that what you want, wants you. Allow yourself to feel and see what brings you joy. As you experience your good it comes to you.

Your life is going to change, it is inevitable. Let it change in a gentle way. Encourage this by maintaining an open and trusting avenue. Empower this new creation by asking only for what is true for you. Trust that this will happen and that your good is within you and ready to emerge.