Intuiting Solo

??????????????????????????????? Have you had moments of crystal clear intuitive awareness? Do you sometimes feel that there is an inner presence that is leading and guiding you and acting in your best interest? Have you ever felt a shiver of excitement move through you when a spontaneous intuitive insight is proven true and correct? These are a just a few of the natural intuitive occurrences that motivate many to further develop their intuitive awareness.
One of the great gifts of intuition is that it enables us to feel closer to others. When you feel what another feels, tune into another’s thoughts or experience their aches and pains in your body, you become aware of your innate connection to others. In a similar way feeling the presence of a loved one on the other side or experiencing the intervention of an angel or spirit guide, assures you that there is life beyond the physical and it is loving wise and comforting.
The paradox of developing intuition is that although it provides us with a unique connection to others, we often develop it in isolation. If you are not fortunate enough to have supportive and interested family and friends or live in an area where you have access to intuitive development classes and group psi activities you likely are developing your intuition on your own. Although intuitive awareness opens new doors of possibilities and connection to all of life, it is initially a process of looking deeper within self. I write books about intuitive and medium development to give others the tools that I have learned and to help bridge the gap of loneliness that can accompany intuitive development. Still even though books serve an important role, practicing, developing and interpreting intuitive insights requires direct experience. Having another or a group to discuss and practice with is helpful. Yet, there can be hidden benefits to developing intuition, psychic and medium abilities on your own.
Spiritual Calling
Without the benefit of a class and teacher to lead you through intuitive exercises and help you to interpret what you receive, you may feel alone in a sea of chaotic intuitive phenomenon. But, you are not as alone as you may believe. You are being guided and supported by loving and wise spiritual guides and angels. When spirit comes knocking on your door with intuitive gifts, know that you are being called into a closer connection with the spirit realm.
Here are some suggestions for solo intuitive development.
• Trust yourself and release your fear of the unknown. The unseen is safe, reliable and is inherently positive and life-giving. Trust that you can communicate and receive its direction and blessing. The universe will respond to your intent to develop your intuition. Notice the magic all around you. The intangible is not as elusive as what it may seem. It will guide you, respond and support your efforts. There are many ways that the unseen communicates with you. Trust it when it does.
• Ask your angels and spirit guides for signs and synchroncities that will confirm when you are on the right track. Then trust what happens. The spirit realm communicates in unlimited ways.
For instance: Has a bird ever seemed to perch on your window sill soon after questioning an intuitive insight and it seemed to be more than a coincidence? Have you ever found coins or feathers, noticed repeating numbers or heard a meaningful verse of a song that seemed to give you a message. These and other similar synchronicities are common signs that you are in the flow of a greater knowing and awareness.
• Take time every day to listen. Relish the quiet and practice sitting silently in meditation. Take time to be in nature, live in the now and listen to the quiet inner voice.
• Find creative ways in your everyday life to take advantage of simple intuitive opportunities. For example: hold mail in your hands or intuitively focus on an email before you open it. Pay attention to any thoughts, emotions, words, numbers or awareness and knowing that surface.
• Notice the energy glow around others or surrounding events. Pay attention to whom or what feels energetically stronger or more compelling. In time you will find that those that seem to glow are often lucky, win, and have good health and generally experience events and situations that work to their benefit.
• Write down your dreams. Even if it seems that they are silly and make no sense, in time patterns and intuitive insights will emerge from them.
• Look at the circumstances of your life symbolically. Use your intuition to see the deeper message within the events, people, circumstances, relationships and conditions of your life. Approach all that you experience as an interactive dialogue between yourself and the universe. What is life attempting to teach you? Where are you experiencing discomfort, frustration or lack? Notice how changes in your thoughts, emotions and actions affect your outer and external experiences. Listen within for insight into the meaning and significance behind your day-to-day experiences.
Developing your intuitive abilities on your own can accelerate your spiritual-intuitive growth and strengthen your connection with the unseen. If you feel you have no support or that your friends and family do not understand your interest in psychic and intuitive awareness, know that you are strong enough to go it alone. There is an invisible presence that assists and guides you. As the Buddha said, Be a light unto yourself.

The Subtle and Powerful You

To take the leap from receiving random spontaneous intuitive insights to intuitively accessing reliable energy information, you must know who you are. You are spirit, connected to all-knowing, wisdom and love. Your spirit is indestructible, eternal and the source of your intuitive knowing. IMG_0679Begin to identify yourself with this part of you. However subtle and elusive it may appear to be, it is the truth of who you are. As you begin to perceive this as your truth, you come into a new awareness of what is possible. You create a new paradigm of authentic power and confidence. Instead of the ego self that appears to be a vulnerable victim in a world of random circumstance, accidents, toxins and disease, you perceive a new world. This world is governed by a universal and yet personal power that is constantly emitting a pure vital life force energy that supports and sustains you, mind, body and spirit. Your spirit is the doorway through which your physical body absorbs this necessary vital life force energy.

Your spirit knows what you need to experience a life of health, abundance and joy. In this new paradigm you are conscious of your inner ability to create and sustain a life of love and wellbeing. There is a harmonious energetic connection between your physical life and the powerful universal flow of vital energy. As you become conscious of this, you tap into the wellspring of true power. No longer at the mercy of the physical influences of your environment and circumstances you realize that there is something much more powerful at work within you. This power speaks to you through your intuition.
As you listen to and act on intuitive messages, the voice of your spirit grows stronger.

You will receive intuitive messages about what best supports and nourishes your physical self. Your ability to discern positive life-sustaining emotions from negative and toxic ones will increase. The impact that your emotions and thoughts are having on what you create and experience will become more apparent. Whatever you are holding onto from the past that is creating resentment and what needs forgiveness and love will surface to be healed. The limiting, judgmental beliefs that are crippling your wellbeing will be replaced by awareness of unlimited inner power and potential.

Don’t hesitate and delay the small steps you can do today that will reinforce your highest good. When you listen to your intuition and act on what you receive you come into your power, mind, body and spirit.

Intuition and Religious Suppression


I was recently asked this question:
Was just wondering how Christianity fits into all of this. Many Christians say that anything to do with psychic abilities comes from the devil, in order that the devil claims a hold on you. I’m a Christian, and I feel I have some sort of gift, but friends would kill me if they knew I was looking into this. I’ve also been reading one of your books, which makes a lot of sense. I saw where it says that you have a master’s degree in divinity and pastoral counseling. So, how do you, as a psychic, take those kinds of responses that it’s the devils work?? Thanks for any time you can give in order to help me search… – R.B.

My Answer:
Since the beginning of my career as a psychic and medium, I have encountered questions and concerns from well-meaning Christians as to whether or not I am in cahoots with the devil. This many fear, might be the source of the psychic information I receive and who knows what else I might be capable of. The Bible, I am told, warns against this kind of supernatural activity.
Not to toot my own horn, but this is a topic that I have a fair amount of experience with. I grew up in a religious home. My mother was a United Methodist minister, and I attended Baptist and Methodist church services on average of three times a week for most of my young years. At present one of my brothers is a Methodist minister and my other brother is a theology professor and chair of the religion department of a prominent Catholic University. As you can imagine, since childhood I have engaged in many theological discussions.

For most of my career as a professional psychic I have been challenged, questioned, rebuked and misunderstood by a few religious folks. As far back as I can remember I have had intuitive and psychic experiences. Even though I have never felt this ability as anything other than a natural way to connect to a greater, loving divine presence (God), I know that some people do not view it this same way. Confronting the fears and concerns of others has made me stronger and helped me to more fully appreciate the connection between the divine and intuition. Hopefully, I have inspired some people to challenge their own misconceptions and apprehensions.

I believe that the Bible speaks to our level of conscious. We interpret it based on our understanding and beliefs. As we grow and evolve, what we read in the Bible takes on new meaning and significance. There are many ways to interpret what is written within this (and other) sacred text. For some its pages are a code of morals and stringent directions for daily life. For others it is an interesting story of history and the struggle for spiritual meaning. Others read the Bible for their personal salvation or as an uplifting source of love and wisdom.

For me, the Bible is a book of intuitive guidance, supernatural happenings and the promise of miracles. Throughout its pages there are abundant examples of intuitive and psychic awareness and extraordinary events. In the Old and New Testaments there are many instances of prophecy, encounters with angels, messages from the beyond, dreams that foretell the future and mystical occurrences. The coming of the Messiah, his ministry, his betrayal and his death were all foretold by prophets.

One of the simplest examples of intuition in the Bible is prayer. Prayer is our communication and connection to God, the divine presence. It is a soul opening and communion with the Spirit of truth and unfathomable love. We listen to all kinds of things all day, the news, television, our co-workers, neighbors, family and friends. Prayer is a different kind of listening. It is the listening within, not with the physical senses but with the spiritual senses. The word psychic literally means deriving from the soul or mind. It originates from the Greek word, psȳchikós, which means the soul. For me, being psychic is the ability to open my soul and receive divine guidance and direction for myself and others. I am not alone in this. Each of us has the ability to listen within and communicate with the divine forces.

For decades the divine gift of psychic sensitivity and spirituality have been separated and distanced from one another. There are many historical reasons why religious authorities have associated intuitive/psychic awareness with evil and dark forces, more than I can go into in this short article. When an individual’s innate ability to receive divine guidance is suppressed, people are at the mercy of the church to interpret God’s direction and will for them. Reliance on religious authorities is strengthened. The clergy are thus sanctioned as the sole divine mediators. This is a position of power, influence and control and one which ultimately robs the individual of a conscious personal connection to a greater power.

There are many well-meaning church going Christians and their ministers and pastors who have not questioned this archaic position and in their heart believe that intuition and psychic awareness is to be feared and denied. Yet, the spirit of God is within and the individual can connect and communicate with this presence through their intuitive faculty.

But like many things, it is only when you personally experience the Spirit of love and wisdom within will you truly believe. Discover this for yourself. Spend time in quiet, close your eyes, and invoke the presence of all that is good, divine, loving and wise. Receive the holy vibrations of love and wisdom and rest in this peace and know that this is a form of intuition.

Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. God is spirit, and His worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth.” John 4:23-24

4 Ways to make your Intuition Work for you this Holiday Season

eagelLet this holiday season be a time of renewal and restoration. It is easy to get caught up in the stress and frenzy that has become routine this time of year. Cultural, family, and personal expectations often create a false ideal of what is sanely possible. Although the holidays are a time of giving, sharing, eating, enjoying and celebrating, this time of year is also celebrates of the emergence of your most powerful self.

During the winter solstice the sun is at its weakest. It has reached its most southerly point on the horizon and darkness settles in. From this long night, the light begins to once again emerge and expand. The solstice is a celebration of the return of light to the world. Three days later, on Christmas Eve, the return of the light of the divine re-emerges from within the individual. The spiritual significance of Christmas Eve is the celebration of the birth and rebirth of divine presence.  It is the reminder that we are not simply physical beings. We are spirit, connected to the source of all life, creation, wisdom and love.  Just as the solstice marks the time of year when the sun returns to nurture the crops and replenish the earth, Christmas marks the return of the light of the heavens within human consciousness.

What does your intuition have to do with all of this? Your intuition is your most powerful natural wisdom. It is the voice of your spirit. It is through your spirit that the light of the divine emerges.  Your intuition guides you in your everyday concerns and it is your spirit’s compass directing you into the experience of unconditional love and inner peace. It is through your intuition that you can consciously experience the true significance of the holiday season.

The Gift of Your Intuitive Type

You intuition is as unique as you are. I have identified four primary modalities through which we intuit. You may receive energy information through your thoughts, your emotions, through your physical body or through your energy field. I call these different ways of intuiting, your intuitive type. You may predominantly intuit through one of these types, through a combination of a couple of types or through all four types.

Emotional Intuitives

Emotional intuitives absorb energy information through their feelings and emotions. They are naturally empathetic and feel others feelings. They are also attuned to the vibrations of divine love.

This season, take some time to tune into your emotional energy.  Emotional intuitives all too often become an emotional energy sponge, absorbing the emotions of others and of events. You are not responsible for everyone else. Be responsible for your sense of wellbeing and inner peace and allow others to take charge of their happiness.

 Try This:

Find a quiet place and time, close your eyes and breathe into your heart. With each breath imagine your heart expanding and filling with love. Set the intent to become aware of and release any emotional wounds and past hurts. Allow your intuition to guide you. Ask within for what needs forgiveness. Breathe into your heart and allow unconditional love to flow through you. Forgive and let go. Let the power of a greater love remind you of who you are. Breathe in this love and ask your intuition to help you to become aware of anyone that needs love. Send them the gift of unconditional love without absorbing their emotional energy.

Mental Intuitives

Mental intuitives intuit through their thoughts. They are naturally telepathic and receive energy information through a sense of knowing. They are connected to truth, consciousness and can absorb divine thoughts.

In the midst of holiday expectations and what may seem like a million things to do and take care of, let your intuition guide you to your highest thoughts. Do not strive for perfection. Notice when you expect too much from yourself.

Try This

Take some time to listen within.  Breathe cleansing breaths and become aware of your thoughts one after another. Do not give them too much attention, just breathe, become aware and let go. Ask within for a divine thought. Breathe and listen. Be patient and continue to ask and listen. You may hear or simply know when you receive a divine thought. It will be uplifting, simple and fill you with peace.

Physical Intuitives

A physical intuitive absorbs energy information into the physical body. They often feel others ache and pains and feel energized by positive people and situations and drained and exhausted by negativity. For the physical intuitive the body is the divine temple. They perceive the spirit within physical form.

Physical intuition can be especially valuable at this time of year. With so many tempting foods to eat and tiring busy schedules we can forget to take care of ourselves.  Your intuition can guide you as to how to nurture and care for you.

Try This

Take time every day to ask within as to what you most need. Your body is always communicating to you. Not only is this a time of spiritual renewal, it can also be a time for physical renewal. Before you eat all of the available goodies, hold the tempting food in your hand and ask within if this will weaken or strengthen you. Trust what you receive. Ask what else will bring joy into the body. Perhaps a massage, a yoga class, running, dancing or sitting in a sweat or steam room will not only relax you, but awaken a sense of joy and well-being within the body.

Spiritual Intuitives

Spiritual intuitives receive energy information through the aura of energy field. Although this might seem to be a little more abstract than the other ways of intuiting, it is quite common and natural. Spiritual intuitives tend to be more aware of the presence of loved ones on the other side, angels and spirit beings than the other types. They are also inclined to be clairvoyant. This is the ability to “see” energy information. This may come in the form of realistic three-dimensional images or more symbolic, figurative images. Spiritual intuitives often intuit and receive future premonitions through their dreams.

Although they may not be able to define it in words, spiritual intuitives are more aware of their spirit essence.

A hectic, busy holiday schedule with an emphasis on materialism can leave a spiritual intuitive feeling out of touch and depressed. Although all of the intuitive types need quiet and contemplative time, it is especially important that the spiritual intuitive focus within. One interesting way that a spiritual intuitive (and all the types) can experience a more spirit focused holiday is through their dreams.

Try This

Before you go to sleep, ask for a dream that will help you to experience a spiritual renewal. Ask for a Christmas, solstice or holiday dream message. I have done this several times during the holidays and have experienced truly uplifting and inspiring dreams. You may want to write down this request and put it under your pillow. Tell yourself to remember the dream. Then have paper and pen ready by your bedside to write it down as soon as you wake. Although you will still benefit from the dream even if you cannot clearly recall it, you will want to fully remember, embrace and cherish it. Be patient.  You may not dream the first or second night of your request. It may even take a week or more. But, it will happen. Keep asking for your holiday dream gift before you go to sleep.

(I would love for you to share it with me.)

This is the season of the emergence of light. Focus on what is important and rest will take care of itself. Love and blessings

Loving Self

IMG_0522 I was talking to a client this morning who is becoming increasingly aware of wanting to feel loved. We all want someone to fully see who we are and love us. Yet, we can only attract as much love as we are willing to give ourselves. We have to vibrate to and embody the kind of love that we want to receive.
How do we do this? We need to be kind, compassionate, forgiving and loving to ourselves. Make it a practice to everyday say out-loud “I love you” Put energy into noticing beauty and what makes you feel peaceful and joyful. Appreciate the goodness that you allow yourself to feel. Be forgiving and kind when you find yourself being self-critical and unloving. Take care of yourself when you feel hurt and disregarded. Put on your favorite comfortable clothes, eat good food and treat yourself to what puts a smile on your face.
Practice small acts of love and put yourself first in line.

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