Emotional intuition and keeping steady during the Super Moon

On my early morning walk today, the largest moon that I have ever seen lay silently ready to slip under the horizon. The effects of this super-moon are probably too numerous to mention. The moon ruler of emotion and the feminine has many of us struggling to stay centered, calm and composed.  With the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the bursting of grief from so much loss, has an intuitive like myself, feeling oh so many feelings. As a reminder to myself and maybe to you too, I am including an article of emotional intuition and keeping it together.

Staying in the LOVE

 An empath is someone who usually without being aware of it, absorbs and intuits the emotional energy of others. I have defined this innate predisposition as emotional intuition, which is the ability to intuit the emotional energy of others and the environment and also includes other intuitive characteristics and qualities. Emotional intuitives have an inner desire and drive to help, heal and be of service to others and the world. They are likely to choose professions where they can fulfill their soul purpose of expressing unconditional love and positive healing energy.

The soul of the emotional intuitive is interconnected to universal love and therefore can be a tremendous force of healing. Unfortunately many emotional intuitives, unknowingly, easily absorb and are burdened by the difficult emotions of others. Because we, as a society, do not for the most part acknowledge our intuitive nature, we are at risk of using it in ways that are not only ineffective but can also be detrimental to one’s wellbeing and health. When you are in a constant intuitive receiving mode, absorbing the emotional energy of others can leave you feeling tired, negative, anxious and stressed.

As attractive as it may seem, it does not work to try to shut down your intuition or overly protect yourself from the emotional energy of others. While it is important to become aware of when you are soaking in the negative and stressful emotions of others, if your soul drive is to heal and be of service you will without knowing it eventually open and again become emotionally overwhelmed.

Instead of absorbing the emotional energy of others, the better use of your natural intuition is to connect with the higher realms of unconditional love and compassion and then emit and send this love out to others. Love can flow into your heart from the most pure source of all love and then into your environment, healing and uplifting others.  For this to happen naturally in the work place or among people who are in pain or suffering it is necessary to practice, practice, practice, so that it becomes effortless and innate.

Here are a few ways to shift the energy flow and take care of your sensitive intuitive nature.

  • Practice being a Conduit for Love. Find a place where you can be undisturbed for several minutes. Get comfortable, close your eyes and breathe. Imagine breathing in cleansing breaths then slowly exhale and relax. With each relaxing breath, imagine your heart opening and inhale love energy from the most pure source you can imagine. For you this may be God, the divine, a higher power, whatever and however you conceive of love in a universal pure way, image yourself as its channel. Fill yourself with this love and exhale it through your heart. Continue breathing in love and exhaling it through the heart. As you exhale imagine that you are sending love to who will most benefit from it.
  • Do not close down or overly protect yourself from others pain and suffering. Your soul drive is to heal and give to others and as you learn how to better do this, you will experience more happiness and peace of mind. Recognize when you are feeling others pain or absorbing the negativity of the environment.  Pause, open your heart to love and breathe in the most pure love you can imagine. Know that you are doing powerful work and that love is coming into the world through your. Feel this love flowing from your heart to all those who need it. Detach from any outcomes or expectations.
  • Take a few minutes, in the morning or before work and pause, take a few deep breaths, feel love flowing into your being, exhale and open your heart. State your intent for the day. You can say  something like:  “The pure source of love flows through me to all who need it” or “The power of love moves through me and I am safe and protected”
  • During your day when you are in the presence of someone who you intuit is in pain or suffering or if your environment is negative and draining, acknowledge it, breathe, inhale love and send it out into the environment. Ask for a greater love to flow through you.

Practicing these simple exercises will strengthen your intuition, your connection to others and because likes attract likes, magnetize love to you. You will also become quite popular as just being in your love energy will be a balm of comfort and serenity for so many.

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  1. i am so following you, madam. thank you for the insights. i am an emotional intuitive. will give details but soon.

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