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Happy (Almost) Rapture

May 21, 2011 came and went and to me knowledge no one was raptured into heaven. Over the years there have been several prophesied end of times, earthly disasters, earth changes and cataclysmic events that have not occurred. Still, many people and psychic and religious channels still herald the coming of dire and immense changes that will forever alter our day to day existence. To this I would like to add my two cents. With the help of my intuitive guidance, I am told that the nature of the earth is of course change, we all know this. But the earth blueprint and karma for change is seldom by human terms “overnight”. Instead we earthlings have the unique ability through our developed sciences, computer generated information and basic physical know-how to foresee the inevitable results of our actions. Now this is a very cool thing. As someone who makes her living as a professional intuitive, I know that there are many things beyond the physical that we must pay attention to and become aware of, for our benefit and others. But I will also humbly tell you that we know our future and we are not paying attention to it. We know that the collective choices that we are making will adversely affect our beloved earth, our neighbors, our children and ourselves. What I and my kindly guides can add to the mix is to help you to become aware that there is a legion of help in the spiritual celestial and earthly realms. The human solution machine works slowly and not without profit, power and financial gain. The spirit realm is not really interested in such gain.

 What can you do to help? Greet the morning with an open heart, invoke your most beloved divine and spiritual ally, God, Goddess, Divine Spirit whoever or whatever you most connect with. Be a receptacle for benevolent love and wisdom to flow into the world. Where you are today, whoever you encounter, whatever you do, know that this is where you are most needed. Love translates into pure energy, be the counterforce to the century’s long negative campaign of misguided attempts to control and dominate the earth and one another.  Choose to act in ways that respect yourself and others. Be mindful of the heart numbing bizarre world of consumer frenzy that wants you to believe at only by consuming, buying big and praising the popular will happiness come your way. Don’t believe it for a moment and don’t give your power away.

Ghost Busting 101

      Sooner or later in one way or another, you or someone close to you will bump into a ghost. It does not matter if you are a soccer mom, a college professor, a busy professional or a complete non-believer in such things, your life will in some way intersect with a non-physical visitor. Although this may seem highly unlikely, too spooky or paranormal, don’t stop reading yet, you never know when you might need to the following information.

                A ghost was a person like you and me whose spirit after death has stayed on the physical-material level instead of transitioning into what some call heaven, the light, nirvana or pure energy. This happens for many reasons. In cases of sudden death through accidents or when under the influence of drugs or alcohol, a spirit may not realize that it has died and so they continue to wander and search for their home. Other spirits may not feel worthy to go to the light while there are some who cling to the physical world because they do not believe in an afterlife and in more rare cases  there are a few who refuse to go to the light. A person who is possessive, highly materialistic or extremely stubborn may decide to stay in the physical realm after death to hold onto feelings of power and control or what they feel is materially theirs.  These are usually the most disturbing type of ghost.

                I have worked with many people who have encountered ghosts. These people live, otherwise, normal lives. They live in suburban homes, work in corporations and have never had an interest in the paranormal. Then, out of nowhere and usually while in their home, they hear strange noises or knocking on the walls, smell strange odors, feel sensations on their arms, legs, shoulders or hands, experience a shiver up the spine, feel a wave of cold or warm air or have objects fall off of shelves for no reason or they see the outline of a figure, a shadow or iridescent color or light flash across a room. These are the most common signs that there might be a ghost sharing space with you.

Most ghosts are not out to scare, traumatize, hurt, push you out of your home or possess you. They do however need to go to the place of all love and light and it is important that you remember that they do not have any real power. As a full-fledged member of the physical realm you have the power and ability to assist and move them forward on their way.

Here are some tips on what to do if you encounter a ghost.

  1. Remain calm, fear only intensifies stress and creates an uncomfortable environment
  2. Unless you do this as a hobby or profession, do not try to contact and carry on a conversation with your ghost
  3. If you are religious or spiritual draw close and open yourself to a higher power. If you are a nonbeliever or atheist, imagine the highest most pure energy of love.
  4. Imagine God, love, divine spirit, whatever you are comfortable with surrounding your ghost.
  5. Then ask for a loved one who is now in spirit (has died) who can influence and take your ghost into the source of all love and pure energy to draw close and assist your ghost.
  6. Most ghosts will immediately go into the light at this point. You can however repeat this process if you feel that your unwelcome visitor is not responding. Keep in mind you may have more than one ghost so you might need to do this a few times.
  7. If your ghost is not responding and gets more persistent and increases its presence in a less than pleasant way, I encourage you to contact a professional ghost buster. They do exist and you can usually find a reputable one through a local New Age Bookstore referral.

Remember you are in charge!