Monthly Archives: September 2011

After the hurricane….the visiting owl

       If you read my previous post you know that my intent during Hurricane Irene was to release my negativity, fear, grief, anything that I no longer needed into her powerful frenzy. I imagined the winds swooping down into me and lifting away all the old baggage that has been heavy in my body, mind and soul. Little did I know at the time how effective my request would be. During the onset of the storms arrival and into the next day as it lingered on, I felt the winds of change within me.

I guess the old saying “be careful what you ask for”, applies . Releasing emotional energy means feeling emotional energy and letting it go. I felt the fear, grief, confusion, negativity and more, much more than I had anticipated. And like most of the people who were affected by the hurricane I was still feeling it a few days later. The actual physical damage from the storm was minimal. I had several large branches fall and I lost power for a short time. For  me, it was the inner shifting that was more dramatic.

One evening a couple of days after the hurricane and feeling somewhat alone in my journey of cleansing, I looked out into my backyard and saw an owl peacefully sitting above my deck. I watched him for a while and he seemed to watch me. As darkness descended he continued to sit. The next night and then the next night after on the same branch in the same spot, my owl came for a visit. I appreciated his company and felt somehow acknowledged in my dance with Irene. He seemed to me the perfect compliment to the storm’s recent activity. Stoic, silent, penetrating and barely ruffling his wings even in response to my barking dogs, his presence spoke of centering and peace. Just as with the storm, my intent is to align and soak in his vibration and come this kind of pure presence.