Intuitive Ladder- From thinking to intuition

     Relationships may be the most common area of interest and questions for those who I give intuitive readings to.    Why, when, how and who, everyone is at times mystified, perplexed and left wondering about those who they are close to. We can at times be a mystery, to ourselves and especially to those who we are in relationship with. We are always evolving, changing and growing as are those who are near and dear to us.

Your intuition can provide you with useful insight into relationship puzzles that are sure to come your way. Even if you feel as if you are not very intuitive or that your intuition is unclear and vague, try the following exercise. In this easy to follow step by step process you will bridge the gap between the thinking mind and your intuition. This exercise will empower you to discern what choice to take to create positive outcomes with others.

As you go through the following steps be sure to use your imagination. It is a powerful tool which will help you to decipher and understand unseen energy information.  

  1. Think of one question that has to do with you and another.  For example, “Will my relationship with Andy improve”

     2. Identify and name your feelings surrounding the question.  “I feel anxious and confused by his behavior.”

  1. Identify what you desire.  “I want to be closer to him and to feel positive about our connection.”
  1. Think of possible answers to your question.  “I can talk to him.  I can let it go.  I can end our friendship. I can wait and see what happens.  I can love myself and focus on me.  I can demand he treat me better. I can try to understand the lesson behind what is happening.”  Consider many possibilities.
  1. Receive intuitive guidance.
    • Take a deep breath close your eyes and continue to focus on your breath until you feel relaxed. Release any feelings or thoughts that surface as you breathe.
    • When you feel you are in a receptive state, ask which choice is in your highest good.
    • Continue to breathe. Bring into your awareness each choice, one by one. Pay attention to any physical sensations, emotions, or feelings of increased energy you experience as you imagine each choice.

Use your imagination and create an image of yourself living each choice. How does each look and feel, pay special attention to your body. Do you feel tired, heavy, energized, stressed, tight or open and receptive? The body always tells the truth.  

         6.   Imagine the white light of love surrounding you and the other person.  Remember, even if you cannot clearly see white light, your intent is enough.

      Here is what one student told me about her experience with this exercise. “As I went through each choice it became clear to me that focusing on taking care of me was the best choice. I knew that I had to let go of the relationship for the time being. I knew this because I felt an increase of energy and well-being when I imagined this option. I felt a sense of relaxing peace go through my body, and my heart felt calm.  I also became aware that I had attracted this relationship as a lesson to learn how to accept people exactly as they are.” 

*Exercise taken from my book, Love and Intuition

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