2012- The Mayan Calender and the New Era

The New Era–2012

     I have never wanted to intuitively look too far into the future.  I have held the basic belief that for centuries we have collectively set in motion quite an array of negative and destructive forces that will surely come back to us in a variety of ways.  I was however recently asked to give an intuitive forecast for the coming year, 2012 and when I did I was a bit surprised.

We all by now know that the Mayan calendar ceases to document time after 2012. There has long been speculation and fear that this is an omen of the end of the world. Yet, to understand the true significance of their calendar it is important to understand the Mayan culture. Years ago I was fortunate to be a part of a small team of people who lived and worked in the Mayan villages of Chiapas Mexico and Guatemala. The team I worked with went into remote villages and helped to build simple gravity fed water systems that provided the community with clean water.  I found the Mayan people and their culture fascinating and was anxious to learn as much as I could about them.

During my time off I traveled to the various Mayan ruin sites.  The first ruin that I visited was Palenque in the Yucatan. I arrived there early one morning just as the sun was rising. It was still cool from the night before and with just a few other people there I felt like I was stepping back into time. Going into the main area of the ruins there was a large stone courtyard surrounded by the three largest pyramids.  The placement and size of this courtyard indicated its importance within the community.

This courtyard is where the important Mayan ritual ball game was played. In ancient Mayan culture the courts were considered to be portals to the spirit world and playing the game was viewed as necessary and important for the continuation of cosmic order within the universe and for the regeneration of physical life. The ball represented the sun and one side of the court was the realm of physical life and the other the unseen spirit realm. In the center of the court to one side there was a small ring. The challenge of the game was to get a small ball through the stone ring.

 What does this have to do with 2012? For the Mayans In 2012 the earth passes through the ring and comes into the center of the universe.  There are no accidents. The Mayan calendar of linear time ends at 2012. This is not a fluke or a miscalculation. The Mayans knew that in 2012 the earth would be entering the spirit side of the court. We are now in spiritual time.

This does not mean the end of the world and catastrophe. We will still continue to have clocks and days and nights and all of those things that mark human time.  However we are in the midst of a very significant cycle transition.

We are evolving, the earth is ascending and we are in a new era- of which we have never experienced. We are now in nonlinear time. We are in spirit time. We are collectively moving into conscious union and co-creative partnership with the spiritual realm.

Spiritual energy is vital life force cosmic energy that is not restrained by time and space, outer conditions and cause and effect.  We are moving from a lower denser material vibration to a higher spiritual vibration. What we individually and collectively experience during this time will be determined by our level of consciousness.

 The Integration of spirit into Matter

     To understand how the influx of spiritual energy will affect us globally and individually I like to use the metaphor of water. Water can be nourishing, gentle and soothing. But it can also be relentless, overpowering and destructive. Although is appears gentle and benign in a stream or raindrop we know not to underestimate its power.

As spiritual energy comes pouring into the physical realm the existing order will continue to be broken down and go through changes.  Spiritual energy is in a process of integration with the material.  We have been experiencing this for many years. The heavier, denser energies are no longer being supported. The crisis in the oil industry, the economy, banking and home finance lending will continue.  Industries and activities which have been based and built on materialistic values and ethics will collapse in preparation for a new order.

This year the shift that we have been experiencing for a number of years will intensify. As spiritual energy integrates with the material it will create a clash of energy.  This will cause a global detoxing that will unleash toxins, new bacteria, chemical pollutants and dormant impurities . Toxins will be discovered in food and in water. Clean water may become a commodity.  On a global level we will struggle with toxins and new strains of flu and bacteria. Along with a crisis in clean water there will continue to be droughts in some areas and flooding in others.  Alaska, Hawaii and the West coast will experience earthquakes and flooding.

 In 2012 the sun will be in a tumultuous state and solar flares and sun eruptions will be common. Satellites and communication airwaves will be interrupted primarily in the summer and fall. This electromagnetic activity will intensify the already hectic weather patterns and result in extreme heat, wind and drought in many areas of the country. 

Shift of Power

     The global balance of power will continue to shift away from unethical governments, corporations, and other hierarchies, to individuals and groups who embody spiritual consciousness.  There will be an influx of internal fighting within many countries between those who have and those who have been discarded dismissed and disenfranchised – this is all part of taking back personal power.

Spiritual ideals will become more important than self-serving power, greed and competiveness. The occupy Wall Street movement and others like this will intensify and continue to confront the existing order. There will be an increase in lawsuits that challenge the ethics of the government and the greed of corporations.  Money will begin to be channeled away from the traditional and into the innovative. This will happen globally.

Barrack Obama was elected on the ideals of hope and change. He spoke to the message that has been buried within the collective consciousness. We know that change is necessary and despite our differences, we are all heeding the inner call of transformation. The next president of the U.S. will be elected because of his or her ability to ground higher principals and transform spiritual ideals of fairness, equality, justice and truth in the material realm.

 Age of Inspired Creativity

     From the age of information we are entering the age of inspired creativity. We are ascending and integrating spiritual energy, ideas and creative solutions into the everyday and mundane.  We already see this happening in our economy. What will work will follow the trend of what has been working. The success of I pads, iPhones, internet, Facebook are indications of where there will be advancement. These kinds of technology and innovative ideas will continue to advance and develop. The ability to instantly communicate with another anywhere in the world is part of the higher vibration that is now supporting us.

Technological communication devices will become even smaller and more compact in 2012. Eventually, but probably not in 2012, they will be replaced altogether by energy configurations which will not require physical devices. Light rays will be activated and we will be able to utilize energy girds for power. Like the old movie projectors that could display images onto walls or screens we will be able to project images but without any physical components. We are on the verge of discovering and producing energy from magnetic poles and higher vibratory cosmic sources.

Internet and communication information is now a mental activity. In the future we will be able to create a more multisensory experience. As our bodies become more accustomed to the higher vibrations we will have teleportation experiences that take us out of our physical dimension and into other “reality experiences”.

This year, the economy will see some gains, mostly in business that practice higher principles of fairness, care and respect for their employees and understand the interconnectedness of all of life. The higher vibrations of spiritual energy will support these higher ideals. A new culture and society is forming outside of the traditional. Movements, collectives and organizations driven by inventive people with creative solutions will thrive. Small farms, cooperatives and communities of like-minded people will band together. Nontraditional types of medicine and education will enjoy a surge of success. Art, music and creativity of all kinds will receive a boost in appreciation as evidence mounts of its importance in health and wellbeing.   

 Individual Affects

     As I intuitively received this information, I kept turning on the radio during a recurring NPR radio segment. The story talked about a study which has discovered that birds are flying at higher altitudes than ever before. I heard the segment so many time that it seemed like more than a coincidence. It occurred to me that there was a message in this for me. Then it hit me. We too, need to be ascending into higher altitudes. This is where our safety is. The highest vibration that we can embody is that of love, love that is compassionate, wise, patient, forgiving, grateful, giving and humble. As we incorporate and open our hearts, mind, soul, and body to this higher love vibration we are supported by the powerful omnipotent cosmic flow of energy.

Our present collective consciousness has ingrained beliefs and unconsciousness motivations. We are fear based, security minded, greedy, want as much as we can get because we believe that this makes us safer, happier and better than others. We compete with one another and with other countries because we believe that being the best, being number one makes us more worthy, better and more valuable.

This belief has powered corporate greed, polluted the earth and led to a hierarchy of power where the masses have less and feel powerless. 

In this new era of spirit time with the influx of spiritual energy pouring into the earth the tables begin to turn. What begins to be valued is cooperation, compassion, and the power of love. Intuitive awareness, insights, dreams and our connection with higher wisdom, nonphysical sources of ideas, creativity and inspiration will be sources of success

2012 is a year of emergence for spiritual minded people. The world has not fully accepted and embraced the notion that there is life beyond the physical plane. Throughout time those who held beliefs in the existence of nonphysical life and the ability to communicate and connect with spiritual beings have been given a variety of labels. We have been called witches, delusional, irrational, kooks, crazy, deluded and one of my favorites- wo- wo’s.  We have hidden ourselves, congregated in groups, not spoken of our beliefs to our church going friends and family and endured being misunderstood and judged.

We have pulled into ourselves and not shared or fully lived our truth. It is however, essential that you now open your heart, listen within and act on your intuitive knowing. Your spirit must be integrated into every aspect of your life. This does not mean that you have to quit your job or challenge your family and friends, but you must begin to find practical ways to express your truth.

The incoming spiritual vibration will support you and guide you into success. Your safety is now in your spirit. Rise to the highest knowing within. Incorporate the energy of love into every aspect of your day to day decisions desires and intent. The highest love is compassionate, forgiving, kind and gracious. Express gratitude and spend time with uplifting and like-minded people who embrace and increase your spiritual energy.

 Ascension Care

With the shift into spiritual time, we are experiencing ascension. Your energy field will be receiving higher frequencies of energy and your job is to integrate this into every part of your life.

On the physical level as your body integrates an increase in higher energy vibrations you may experience more allergies, nervous system disorders and endocrine and hormonal imbalances. Too much anxiety and stress are an indication that you are dwelling in the lower denser vibrations. If you are experiencing this lift your consciousness into higher awareness. Focus on spiritual truths, love, forgiveness, gratitude, unlimited possibilities and authenticity. Your body is transforming and it is important to eat well, rest, exercise and spend time in nature

If you are constantly fearful and negative, you will experience disruption and challenges in every area of your life. These denser emotional energies are not aligned with the inflow of spiritual energy. Despite what is happening around you it is more important than ever to embody positive energy, listen within and surround yourself with like-minded spiritual people. This is where your safety is.

On the mental level this means becoming aware of and challenging any negative or stagnant and unfulfilling patterns of thought and belief.  Greed, self-centeredness, ego power, competitiveness will create only misery. As your spiritual vibration increases you must let go of old wounds, grievances, blame, pain- practice forgiveness.

Choices and decisions must be made on the basis on higher spiritual ideals of cooperation, integrity, awareness of the interconnection of all of life. Let go of what you think you know and with a beginners mind learn and accept new interpretations and definitions of reality. Allow the mystery of love to expand in your life.

 Move into the flow of spiritual energy by incorporating contemplative and meditative time for reflection and listening within.  There is a thinning of the veil between the spiritual and the physical and this will bring an increase in intuitive receptivity, dreams, synchronicity and encounters with the spirit realm. There will be a rise in encounters with spirit beings, both benevolent – guides, angels, fairies, loved ones but also ghosts, wandering souls and negative emotional and mental thought forms. You are in charge of what you allow into your energy field. Stay in the vibration of love and allow only love into your physical and spiritual energy.

 In this new era of spirit time the power to create, to be inspired, to receive clear intuitive guidance is being supported. In every area and aspect of life success lies in original inspired thinking, awareness of the interconnectedness of all of life, contributing to the greater whole and most of all understanding the power of love.

 In the presence of your spirit anything is possible. You are not bound to the past, cause and effect and what has been. Use the incoming spiritual energy to boost yourself into a new vision of self and into a new life.

4 thoughts on “2012- The Mayan Calender and the New Era

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  1. This is so encouraging, and at last offers clear direction after all the talk of the Mayan Calendar in 2012. Thank you for sharing this, Sherrie!

  2. Sherrie
    Your 2012 blog is exactly what I have been experiencing. I am receiving more energy and intuitive guidance daily. I am looking forward to getting more of my desires answered in 2012. Hugs J.R

  3. I felt the change happening around Christmas 2009. It was so intense at first I had to stop and stare in awe towards the sky. Everyday since I have been noticing people, places, things and feelings guiding me to this higher vibration of love. I have to say it does feel great. Many Blessings and Love 🙂

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