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Those Soul Mate Vibrations

     Most people desire the love of a soul mate. Even if we are not completely sure of what that means, the idea that there is someone who can unconditionally love us, despite our flaws and failings is planted deep in our heart. Through our union with another we long to receive love’s mysterious, abundant and eternally satisfying gifts.

The lofty vibration of soul mate love often bypasses our rational and logical thinking. It is a soothing balm that speaks to our innermost being. In this way, love is intuitive, as it is through our intuition that we can recognize the impulses of the soul.

Your Intuitive Love Type

We all use our intuition in relationships, even when we are not aware that we are.  We may call it chemistry, gut feelings, a quivering of the heart or a simple knowing. There are four main ways that we all naturally intuit.

An emotional intuitive receives energy information primarily through their emotions. A mental intuitive intuits through their thoughts and ideas. A physical intuitive absorbs energy information through their bodies while a spiritual intuitive receives energy through their energy field and spiritual sensitivities. Knowing your intuitive-love type will help you to better develop your intuitive awareness for use in relationships.

Intuiting your Soul Mate

Your intuitive love type will assist and guide you in tuning into a potential soul mate connection. Your spontaneous intuitive responses can provide you with much needed clues as to your deeper connection with another.

For instance, in the presence of a soul mate, the physical intuitive will experience undeniable physical attraction and chemistry. They will likely feel surges of physical energy and they may need less sleep, eat little, enjoy exercise and have loads of physical stamina. With the increase of higher vibration energy moving through their physical body, they are likely to feel as if they can accomplish any task or goal.  

 The mental intuitive will feel what is called “peak” mental experiences. They will be able to spontaneously understand the meaning behind past perplexing situations and relationships. With intuitive insight into the big picture, they have a sense that everything in life is just the way it is meant to be.  Feelings of gratitude for past struggles and unsuccessful relationships, will surface as they become aware that these conditions were necessary lessons on their path to their soul mate.

The heart of the emotional intuitive will open wide and they will experience the full emotional spectrum of love. They are likely to experience deep feelings of love, not only for their soul mate but also for the disgruntled employee at the grocery store, the stranger that asks for a hand-out or the relative that has always been difficult. Soul mate love will inspire the emotional intuitive to love everyone and everything. Compassion, forgiveness, and kindness flow freely from them and they cannot contain their joy. The paradox of loving a soul mate is that the love becomes too big for just two people. It embraces the world. 

 Even after first meeting, a spiritual intuitive will feel as if they have known a soul mate forever. The spiritual intuitive may have seen their soul mate in their dreams, in a vision or mediation and they are likely to have experiences of déjà vu with him or her. They will have an inner knowing that they have been predestined to meet this person and that they can now go about the business of fulfilling their soul purpose and mission. Soul-mates inspire one another to transcend self absorbed focus and become a light of love for others. 

Every Relationship has a Purpose

It is important to keep in mind that soul mates do not always love us the way we want to be loved. Instead, they love us the way that we need to be loved, for our healing, growth and ultimate bliss. Soul mates often bring to one another differing perspectives, opposing view points and become a mirror for our strengths and our weaknesses. 

Every relationship that you are in is important. Each one provides you with an opportunity to heal old wounds and learn more about love and forgiveness. The universe supplies us with endless possibilities to experience love and connection. Even if you are not in a true soul-mate relationship every person you encounter is preparing you for the full experience of love.

Soul-mates are never in short supply. It may be necessary that you interact, with and love many people during your life.  We sometimes forget that the soul learns through pain and disappointment as much as it does through the lofty feelings of happiness and joy. All we experience is food for the soul. Cherish your relationship misfortunes and disasters. They are the deep, rich tilled and composted soil that the seed of soul-mate love may need in order to grow, sprout and come into full flower. Even when a relationship “fails” you do not have to. 

Don’t try to outguess the wisdom of love. Trust that there is a higher plan at work and a purpose for every relationship that you have been in and will be in.

I had a dream l…

I had a dream last night where I was holding a baby and walking down a long road. There was a man walking next to me and he told me that he was tired and needed to rest. I crossed a long bridge with the baby knowing that it was now just the two of us.
I realize that the dream is about the shift that we are all making into the divine feminine. Male energy needs a rest. Beauty, healing, intuition, creativity, love, all that the divine feminine has to offer is on the other side of the bridge.



Five Times to Trust your Intuition


  In this busy multitasking rush everywhere world, your inner spirit may be your strongest ally. It is connected to a vast reservoir of pure wisdom, love and peace.  You can access and connect with your spirit through your intuition. When listened to, your intuition can be a remarkable tool for juggling all of the demands which greet you each day. 

Intuition can be defined as knowing something without any logical and rational explanation as to how you know. It is said to reside in the feminine, creative, right side of the brain. 

Everyone is intuitive. Your intuition might surface through your emotions, your thoughts, your body or your spontaneous sense of knowing and your dreams. It often surfaces spontaneously and comes to our aid when we most need it.

There are times, however, when it is especially important to trust your inner sense of knowing.

  1. When first meeting another. 

     Pay attention to first impressions. They are often the most accurate.  People tell us what they want us to know about them. Rarely if ever will a prospective boyfriend tell you that he cheated on his last girlfriend or a salesperson tell you how inflated a price is.  

At first meetings pay attention to the feelings in the pit of your stomach, tension in your body or a sense of uneasiness. These are intuitive signals that something is not adding up.

            You will likely have no evidence to back up the inner small voice that is telling you to keep moving. Yet, in this kind of situation your intuition is almost always right.

  1. Concern for Others

       Have you ever woken from sleep and immediately thought of another and wondered how they are doing?  Have you ever been ready to relax for the evening but a persistent inner voice keeps imploring you to call a friend or family member? Have you dismissed spontaneous feelings of concern for another and later regretted doing so?

Love is a live wire of intuitive knowing. Unfortunately we often do not want to impose on friends and family when we are struggling. So we suffer in silence. When you love and care about another you will unknowingly pick up intuitive signals when they are having difficulties or need someone to talk to.  Don’t ignore these intuitive feelings and thoughts.  Take the time to reach out.  Your love is powerful and can make a world of difference in someone’s life.

  1. At work

      At work your intuition can help you to discover unknown talents, inspire you with brilliant ideas, signal you as to the best time to ask for a raise and help you to make good decisions.

       I have a friend, Melanie, who applied for a management position in a company that she had always wanted to work for. She was excited at the prospect of the position and went to the interview prepared to take the job if offered. During the interview she kept getting a queasy feeling in her stomach and something just didn’t feel right about the job. On her way home she rationalized her uncomfortable feelings as random stress and dismissed them. Melanie accepted the job when it was offered to her a week later. She put her notice in at her current employment and a month later was working for the new company. Three months later the company lost a large account to a competitor and she along with her entire group was laid off.

  1. What route to take while driving

On your way to work, picking up the dry cleaning, going to the grocery store or when out for an evening of fun, pause before you pull out of the driveway and ask your inner guidance what route to take. Visualize yourself driving each route and get an intuitive feel for what feels the easiest and best way. 

Now, I know that you can also check the traffic reports, but often traffic, backups, accidents and other unpredictable occurrences happen in a flash. I do this often, especially on heavy traffic days or when I am driving a long distance. My intuition has never failed me. Invariably when I have had a strong intuition to take an alternative route, I find out of an accident or traffic tie up on my usual way.

  1. Your Health

Your intuition will alert you when have a health concern. Don’t dismiss it.

       I had a client tell me just this morning that a friend of hers, Holli, has a promising chance of recovery from adrenal cancer. Normally this type of cancer is not found until an advanced stage. 

When Holli experienced a constant numbing sensation in her hands and feet she consulted her doctor. He examined her and felt that this was caused by pressure from an irregular disk in her spine. Later that night a loud inner voice imploring her to go to another doctor woke Holli from a deep sleep. The voice persisted in her waking hours and she scheduled another appointment with a different doctor.  Two doctors later she was diagnosed with cancer.  Because of the early stage in which it was found she has every chance of a full recovery.

Your intuition is an invaluable ally in all areas of your life.  The more you listen to it and act on its promptings the more intuitively adept you will become. Trust your intuition and it will soon become a reliable friend.