The Re-Emergence of the Divine Feminine through the Virgin Mary


Here is the link to an article I recently had published by New Age

Journal, The Re-Emergence of the Divine Feminine through the Virgin Mary

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  1. Great article – thank you! I have really loved “The Miracleworker’s Handbook” – got one for my daughter too. (Strangely, though, mid-reading, I lost it after a trip & haven’t been able to find it – I can’t imagine I would have left it somewhere en route, but if so, I trust it is blessing whoever found it … so I’ll order another one – I very much want to finish it!!!) Anyway, I write to share an “experiment” I’ve been trying: A dear friend’s young teen daughter had been frozen in grief for her Dad, who passed away at Christmas, and was acting out in dangerous ways. Normally an “easy child” she suddenly was being self-destructive in numerous ways that were frightening to witness and which could have permanent consequences; she refused all counseling and was suspended from school for serious “misbehavior.” Her Mom had tried everything… but the child was deeply resistant. She never once cried for her Dad, wouldn’t talk about him, and absolutely dug her heels in on not going to counseling. Presumably the pain was just too big to tap … So I asked my friend if I could “experiment” with asking for Mary’s intercession. Surely you already know where this story is going!: After months of escalating self-destructiveness, the weekend after I began asking for Mary’s help, the girl surprisingly agreed to attend a youth retreat at church, At the retreat she started opening up to friends, and her Mom said as each day goes by she opens up more. She now has even agreed to go to weekly counseling! By the grace of God –through Mary!– this briefly “wild child” has returned to her natural sweetness, & last Sunday I saw her smiling & laughing with friends. I am so relieved at her transformation, and grateful for Mary’s intercession. Thank you for introducing me to Mary on a deeper level!

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