Grace and the Universal Law of Attraction


     The universal law of attraction states that to attract something into your life you must embody this same energy. Simply stated, likes attract likes. Supported by recent advances in science, this is more than a new-age belief. But here is the rub. To receive abundance, love, prosperity and all the good that we so much desire, we must know this experience. It must be our strongest magnetic energy. Otherwise we can only attract our illusive hopes or best assumption of what we desire.

Unfortunately many people do not have a strong enough inner experience of what they want to attract. This has been true for me, especially in the area of love. My father left when I was young and my mother was emotionally, spiritually and often physically absent. My desire for love and partnership was built on hopeful wishes and false expectations and this is what I attracted.

It has been through my connection with the spiritual realm that I have been able to shift this deficit. I have leaned on spirit like a lost child making her way through the dark woods.

As most of you know, I am almost the opposite of organized religion. Yet, Mother Mary has been a constant source of love and guidance. Mary is a spiritual being for all people, regardless of spiritual or religious orientation. She is the divine feminine most evolved expression of love and miracles.

Grace transcends the law of attraction. Whatever your circumstances, however spiritual or not you consider yourself, whatever your wounds, mistakes, background or choices have been. Grace fills, heals, replenishes, makes whole and completes. Mary activates grace in your heart, soul, body, mind and spirit. She empowers you to attract and co-create your goodness and abundance despite the conditions of your past and present.

I hope that you will consider learning more about Mary’s powerful message. The events of her life are a paradigm for living in the ascended energy of grace, synchronicity, intuitive communication with the spiritual realm and miracles.

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  1. Nice message the law of attraction is important to understand and I think you help them understand it here. Your use of your own personal experience makes it easier for others to understand is well. Keep up the good work

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