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But, I Want To Go This Way….

                                                                 I recently had an ahha moment where I was reminded that my intuition is not always so interested in leading me in the direction that I want to go. Seems obvious enough, but it took me awhile to realize that many of the times when I thought that I had misinterpreted or was confused by my intuitive signals, I was in fact, reading them correctly.

I used to feel that my intuition had failed me (or I had failed it) if I felt intuitively led into situations and experiences where I was challenged and tested. Now I have come to understand that my intuition was not faulty, it just had a different agenda.  I had places to grow and issues and pain to confront and all along my intuition has known this.

There is always another step, another level of growth and a layer to peel away. Our intuition is as focused on helping us to heal as it is in leading us into the easy and blissful.

Your intuition is connected to the deeper part of you.  Sometimes I fall into the trap of wanting my intuition to work for me to further my aims and desires. I forget that I have not always been the best judge of what makes me happy.  I am forever grateful that my intuition feeds my soul and responds to my spirit and not my overly human self that wants what it wants

A client of mine recently posted this on my Facebook page.

She wrote:

“Was driving home from school yesterday and turned onto a road even though something told me not to–as soon as I made the turn a voice in my head said, “I TOLD you not to go this way, but if you insist, then SLOW DOWN.” And I did and narrowly missed a car that pulled out in front of me–by inches. Thought of what you would say! 🙂

Thankfully she listened and avoided a possible collision. Beyond the life-saving effects of her intuitive knowing, it is a good metaphor for how our intuition often points us in the opposite direction of where we want to go. 

Intuition is an invaluable ally. It will alert you to danger, provide you with insight into others and yourself, send you messages as to how to take care of your health and overall well-being.  It will also lead you into situations and experiences that you might not normally consciously choose.

Intuition leads us into a deeper mystery. Don’t try to overthink it or question if it is keeping you on track with your goals and desires. In every moment there is an opportunity to intuitively receive and be lead into what you most need mind, body and spirit. This is the genius and magic of your intuition.

Intuition and Creativity

It seems my whole life I have been involved with creativity in some form.  In my early twenties I was a fiber artist who painted silk and wove on a big loom. I traveled to various cities to sell my clothing, wall pieces, hats and stuffed animals at fairs and festivals and I had my work in several galleries and boutiques. I loved being an artist. During this time I also worked as an art therapist in treatment centers for adolescents and children. After a debilitating car accident I was unable to continue to physically work the long hours that weaving demanded and I increased my hours as an art therapist.  In time I went back to school to earn a degree as a pastoral counselor and then went to work fulltime as an intuitive and medium. Despite the inherent creative energy that is generated when intuitively working with others, the call to create still rumbled inside of me.  Earlier in life I enjoyed writing poetry and journaling.  My intuition kept pushing me in this direction. When I finally submitted to its nudging my passion was re-ignited. I now write almost every day and recently had my third book was released.  

I cannot remember a time when I did not have an urge and desire to create.  I do not consider myself an expert in the creative process. I only know how I best create. Creativity, for me, is synonymous with intuition. Logic, reasoning, thinking, planning and organizing have a large role in creating, especially writing. But, intuition takes the lead. Every creative project I begin starts with the spark of intuitive connection and inspiration.  I often feel as if I am being guided by a wise but undefinable presence. I have learned not to question it, but to just go with the flow. When I feel a kind of inner tingling electricity and energy, I listen, tune in and wait for an idea or direction. I become receptive, pay attention and wait. Eventually a thought or a visual image emerges and I know how to proceed. Throughout the project, I continue to be led in this way. Sometimes the thinking mind wants to take control and I begin to overthink and analyze but eventually I am led back to listening within.

This was my process in the book, “The Miracle Workers Handbook: Seven Levels of Power and Manifestation of the Virgin Mary” that was recently published.  This book came about through intuitive inner listening.  I do not know Mary through a religious perspective.  Instead it was her spiritual essence and energy that guided me throughout the writing. In many ways the seven significant events of Mary’s life that I describe in the book are a blueprint for the creative process. Creativity is essentially a dance with the deep recesses of the mysterious divine feminine.

When it comes to writing here are a few other things that have worked for me.

Give yourself time and space. Don’t rush the process. Daydream, contemplate, meditate, clear out your mind and become receptive.

Don’t try to lead. Instead invite the essence and energy of your topic to express itself through you. Then listen for its often subtle voice. Accept it and go with it.

Write, get it out. Do not worry that it initially makes sense at first. Do not try to edit and organize as you write. Save this for later. Be as honest and bare bones as you can be.   

Jump around if you need to. The brain is a multitasking wizard. Go with it. You might be writing chapter one and get an idea for the last chapter.  I used to think that I had to go from one thing to the next. I finally let my brain go where it wanted to and writing got so much easier. It seems crazy but it works.

Keep feeling what you are doing. Check in with your intuition, your gut and the flow of energy.  Getting lost in what you are doing is a good thing.

After you have written the first draft, make peace with the fact that you will probably have to edit and re-write many times. At least I do. You might be a more gifted writer than I am. But I have come to accept that I will most likely revise many times.

 If what you write gives you peace, you are successful. No matter what publishers, agents, reviewers or friends say, the greatest gift of the creative process is the feeling knowing in your heart and the sense of peace that comes with authentic expression.  Of course it always feels good if others appreciate your work. Most of the time though if you like what you are doing, others will too.