But, I Want To Go This Way….

                                                                 I recently had an ahha moment where I was reminded that my intuition is not always so interested in leading me in the direction that I want to go. Seems obvious enough, but it took me awhile to realize that many of the times when I thought that I had misinterpreted or was confused by my intuitive signals, I was in fact, reading them correctly.

I used to feel that my intuition had failed me (or I had failed it) if I felt intuitively led into situations and experiences where I was challenged and tested. Now I have come to understand that my intuition was not faulty, it just had a different agenda.  I had places to grow and issues and pain to confront and all along my intuition has known this.

There is always another step, another level of growth and a layer to peel away. Our intuition is as focused on helping us to heal as it is in leading us into the easy and blissful.

Your intuition is connected to the deeper part of you.  Sometimes I fall into the trap of wanting my intuition to work for me to further my aims and desires. I forget that I have not always been the best judge of what makes me happy.  I am forever grateful that my intuition feeds my soul and responds to my spirit and not my overly human self that wants what it wants

A client of mine recently posted this on my Facebook page.

She wrote:

“Was driving home from school yesterday and turned onto a road even though something told me not to–as soon as I made the turn a voice in my head said, “I TOLD you not to go this way, but if you insist, then SLOW DOWN.” And I did and narrowly missed a car that pulled out in front of me–by inches. Thought of what you would say! 🙂

Thankfully she listened and avoided a possible collision. Beyond the life-saving effects of her intuitive knowing, it is a good metaphor for how our intuition often points us in the opposite direction of where we want to go. 

Intuition is an invaluable ally. It will alert you to danger, provide you with insight into others and yourself, send you messages as to how to take care of your health and overall well-being.  It will also lead you into situations and experiences that you might not normally consciously choose.

Intuition leads us into a deeper mystery. Don’t try to overthink it or question if it is keeping you on track with your goals and desires. In every moment there is an opportunity to intuitively receive and be lead into what you most need mind, body and spirit. This is the genius and magic of your intuition.

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  1. Over the years it’s been important for me to distinguish between the types of messages I get. I’ve received messages that were clearly about me, and then again, I’ve received messages that felt impersonal to me at the time and turned out to be warnings for other people. Most recently, I had an intuitive warning not to take a particular route on my bike which I chose not to listen to because I thought I needed the more challenging route. Of course, I had an accident and ended up in the emergency room. I’m okay, but I hope my ego got the message to listen to the smaller voice within.

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