Divine Intuition

An Excerpt from The Miracle Workers Handbook
Working with Mary as a spiritual teacher and guide….

Once you make the decision to accept and live from your spiritual identity your divine intuition wakes up. Divine intuition is the language of your spirit and the means through which you can consciously connect with Mary and her angels. Every day in a variety of ways we are given guidance and direction by higher loving spiritual forces. This is so natural and common that we rarely pause and give it our full attention. When we do exciting things begin to happen. You discover a tangible inner resource that is always with you and one which can empower you with help, support, comfort and wisdom.

The second level of power on Mary’s path is accepting your innate intuitive ability to communicate with Mary and her angels. Divine intuition is the inherent ability to tune into the spiritual realms and is a natural means of communication and interaction with nonphysical life. Your intuition is not spooky, overly mystical and a gift given to a special few. Mary and her angels are surprisingly ready to communicate with you and will help you to develop your ability to tune into their presence.

Within each of us is a magical doorway to another world. Although it may seem like a daunting task to open this door and trust what we hear, feel and experience, I encourage you to give it a try. You are worthy of this divine connection and you cannot fail. Simply let go of your preconceived ideas of what it means to form a conscious alliance with divine energy. Mary is remarkably down to earth in her approach to our everyday affairs and interested in your concerns and day to day life. Tuning into your angels and Mary hastens your entry into the sublime presence of another reality which is not governed and limited by the natural laws of the physical world. Through the lens of divine intuitive awareness your problems, concerns, and issues are therefore no longer bound to the laws of cause and effect. Open yourself to the divine and beneficial, loving and healing energy rushes in.

Divine intuition is the knowing that illogical goodness is coming your way.  Lifted into a higher awareness, divine intuition can reveal previously unthought-of of possibilities, bring instant healing to long standing issues and make known the inherent presence of love in all that you experience. Quite different from indulging in fantasy and imaginary thinking this is not an escape from practical day to day concerns and issues instead, it is being present within the realm of all possibilities which is not dependent on external circumstances. When you are fully present, centered and consciously aware, miracles occur.


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  1. I have read that line as many times as I have read the book. Three times. This time to read it in your blog I realize that all my life ,since a small child I have truly felt this way. Dreaming up crazy good things that “might” happen to/for me. thinking for long periods of time {day dreaming} of how it would effect me and the ones I love..i.e. “win the lottery and all of a sudden all of my famiys money worries are over.” Sometimes what seem silly things. I still think/daydream like that to this day….and I am a “very” grown man!

    This morning somehow it has truly sunk inor struck me as true. “Divine intuition is the knowing that illogical goodness is coming your way”

    Thankyou for the work that You do in this world Sherrie Dillard. It is truly a blessing to me.

  2. Hi Sherrie
    There’s a picture of Mary with a blue shawl and fruit next to your excerpt dated January 17, 2013. Where can I buy this picture? it is so beautiful!
    Blessings, Dawn

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