Loving Self

IMG_0522 I was talking to a client this morning who is becoming increasingly aware of wanting to feel loved. We all want someone to fully see who we are and love us. Yet, we can only attract as much love as we are willing to give ourselves. We have to vibrate to and embody the kind of love that we want to receive.
How do we do this? We need to be kind, compassionate, forgiving and loving to ourselves. Make it a practice to everyday say out-loud “I love you” Put energy into noticing beauty and what makes you feel peaceful and joyful. Appreciate the goodness that you allow yourself to feel. Be forgiving and kind when you find yourself being self-critical and unloving. Take care of yourself when you feel hurt and disregarded. Put on your favorite comfortable clothes, eat good food and treat yourself to what puts a smile on your face.
Practice small acts of love and put yourself first in line.

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