Intuition and Your Authentic Self

644538_10152080331722702_925238413_n Intuitive awareness encompasses a broad range of possibilities and far-reaching perception. We often use our intuition to understand and tune into the practical and everyday issues of life, such as our finances, relationships and health. Yet, your intuition is also the key to knowing who you are. Intuitive awareness penetrates deep into your heart and soul where the authentic you resides.
Dharma is a Hindu word meaning one’s duty or purpose in life. In Buddhism dharma is the eternal truth of life, nature and the universe. You are here to discover and live your dharma. Your intuition is your inner compass guiding you into the heart of your authentic self where this truth resides.

Here are a few ways to get started.
Listen to your dreams
Pay attention to synchronicities
Spend time alone and ask your authentic self to speak to you
What opens your heart?
What truth about you are you resisting?
What are you Naturally Good at?
Act on what you know is true for you.

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