The Pope and Giving

Watching Pope Francis being greeted by thousands of people and listening to a few of his talks, has stirred up a few memories. In his speech before Congress he mentioned Dorothy Day. She was a radical Catholic who created non-church supported soup kitchens and shelters for the poor, called the Catholic Worker. Along with her... Continue Reading →

You Are Never Alone

Change is never easy. Yet, it never ends. Sometimes we embrace it and other times we fear and deny that it is happening. I have recently had several friends leave my life. A few have moved, one died and another’s life has become busy and moved her in a different direction. Of course, I am... Continue Reading →

Q & A –Me and Medical Intuition

Develop You Medical Intuition is being translated into Danish. Here is an excerpt from an Interview I did with the Danish publisher for their catalog. 1) What does it mean to be a medical intuitive? Simply stated a medical intuitive is able to become aware of physical/mental/emotional and spiritual health energy information without reliance on... Continue Reading →

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