Q & A –Me and Medical Intuition

Develop You Medical Intuition
is being translated into Danish.
Here is an excerpt from an Interview I did with the Danish publisher for their catalog.

1) What does it mean to be a medical intuitive?
Simply stated a medical intuitive is able to become aware of physical/mental/emotional and spiritual health energy information without reliance on external sources.

2) How did you develop your own intuitive skills?
I was fortunate to have people in my life who supported my intuitive development and allowed me to practice and go through the inevitable trial and error process. This was also the case in developing medical intuition. Already a professional intuitive for many years, I become involved with the Duke University Integrative Medicine program during its early formation stage. I worked along side medical professionals who were interested in researching and developing medical intuition as a tool for assessing health.

3) Is it always possible to find an energetic reason for illness? Even the slightest cold?
There are many causes and factors that lead to illness. Most health dysfunctions are a combination of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional imbalances and issues. For instance, repressed emotional grief may lower your immune system and make you more susceptible to the virus that causes a cold.
4) Does it require special skills to begin with to get started working and developing one’s medical intuition?
The body is wise and communicative. For instance, pain and discomfort are common ways that our body alerts us to problems. Everyone can learn how to listen more deeply and recognize the body’s subtle and at times not so subtle, messages.

5) Could you give three good advices in regard to developing bodily intelligence and learning how to listen to the body’s signals? And what is the most important?
Take back your power to create good health and wellness. Relax, breathe and move your awareness through your body, becoming alert to any tension, tightness or stress. Pause and ask questions of these areas. Energy responds to your requests through spontaneous intuitive, thoughts, feelings, sensations, dreams and even synchronisities.
Most importantly become aware of how your intuition already naturally surfaces. I identify the four basic types in the book. This is your most trustworthy avenue through which to accurately tune into the messages your body sends you.


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  1. I have being tuning into what to do in relation to learning and this seems to draw my attention and excited me
    I want to do a course to help me know my abilities and polish them to help me in my field as a remedial massage therapist/ personal trainer.
    Now I want to understand my spirt and how to help myself first then help others

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