You Are Never Alone

images (2)Change is never easy. Yet, it never ends. Sometimes we embrace it and other times we fear and deny that it is happening. I have recently had several friends leave my life. A few have moved, one died and another’s life has become busy and moved her in a different direction. Of course, I am a frustrating friend to have. I fully admit that at times I can be a challenge. I think with me it is feast or famine. When someone is in my life, they are in my life. I willingly open all that I have, my heart, soul and presence. Then new ideas come, I focus on my clients and so often seek the refuge of solitude to recharge and balance. Friends and family who know me well, have come to understand my need for alone time.

I was recently walking my dogs in the early morning pre-dawn, no one is outdoors and I love watching the sun come up. Enjoying my alone time, I realized the obvious. We are never alone. I have gotten so used to the constant hum and back and forth of inner communication with the spirit realm, I forgot that I am never really alone. I don’t think any one of us is.
We are all stuck together in a web of energy. I imagine us like the sea. We move and flow with one another as one. Yet we are also just little drops of energy, that can appear to separate from the whole.

There is no place to go that spirit is not. This is an overwhelming gift, even if we are not aware of it. Being with your loved ones on the other side, your spirit guides and angels is a soft cushion of support and love. Spirit opens up space for us. It doesn’t crowd us in. It is a wonderful way to be. We are not held together by need or by superficial and shallow expectations, like we sometimes find in the human realm. This is all love and a different way of being.That we do not always take advantage of. Spirit has your back and is ready to roll out the red carpet of guidance and love. Just open the door.

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  1. Thanks for helping us stay conscious of these connections even when we are only feeling the aloneness. When we open the door we broaden the opportunity to feel all the universe has to offer.

    The interplay between the meatsuit’s perspective and All That Is is something like a surreal experience pump when the two fall out of sync. Beautifully mind-bending moments arise in the collision of location and omnipresence, selfhood and communion, tension and tranquility. In those moments “I” flickers like a strobe in and out of this shared context. I am all alone and also immersed in an endless cloud of unspeakably joyous communion with eternal friends. This joy transfers to the alone moment, and I am recharged.

  2. Thanks for that note Sherrie. It is 25 yrs ago today that I lost my Father. I was talking to him this morning as the sun was coming up over the horizon. I have let my connections lapse, did not feel the strength of his presence as I used too. Then I got this email from you, funny how that played out . Thanks for all you do Sherrie, and thanks Dad for the heads up 🙂

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