Are You Intuitively Sensitive?

imagesYour intuition is an integral aspect of your core self. Along the journey of uncovering and claiming your authentic self, your intuition will increase. To varying degrees you may experience some of the common characteristics of intuitively sensitive people. These include, feeling other’s emotions as your own, knowing what others are thinking and having spontaneous insight into other’s health, issues and problems.

Here are a few other shared intuitive tendencies.   

Feel and See Spirit Presence

Do you ever see orbs, a glow of energy around another or streaks of light? Do you ever feel that you are not alone? Have you ever felt a touch on your shoulder or hand, a warm embrace or waves of coolness or warmth? These are often signs that you are in the presence of a loving spirit. Trust your intuition. If you feel as if a family member, angel or spirit presence is with you offering love and support, try not to get caught up in doubt and questioning yourself. Feel the presence and listen and tune into any messages your may receive.

Have Premonitions of Personal and Global Events

Have you ever known when something was going to happen? Can you look at another and know their character? Have you ever felt feelings of fear, stress or grief and a day or so later a natural disaster or large scale tragedy has occurred?

Intuitively sensitive people are precognitive. You may not always know what, when and where an event will take place, but you may feel and know that something is off or is going to happen. Quite often, the emergence of sudden and intense emotions, only make sense several days later when a positive or tragic event takes place.

Intuitive Dreaming

Oftentimes your intuition will first surface through your dreams. Because dreams are usually metaphoric and symbolic in nature, it is not always clear which dreams contain intuitive insight. If you suspect that you are having dreams that foretell future events or provide you with previously unknown information about others or events, write them down. Keep a journal of your dreams and be alert to events and experiences that confirm a dream’s content.

Heightened Awareness with all Five Senses.

Bright lights, noise, smells and even tactical sensations can be irritating and over stimulating. For instance: Artificial lighting might give you a headache. While others might enjoy the scent of a fragrance or perfume, you may feel overwhelmed and lightheaded or dizzy from it. You become anxious at the sound constant or loud noise. You need periods of silence and quiet to relax and unwind. You prefer wearing all cotton or other natural fibers. Polyester and other man-made fiber clothing can cause you to itch, scratch or break out. 

Sensitive to Others Needs

You know when others are in pain, sad, depressed, struggling and what will help them. You are often drawn to those who are in need and have the knack of saying exactly what they need to hear. You are caring, warmhearted and sensitive to the needs of others. Oftentimes you would rather suffer than see those around you in pain.

Feel tired, Exhausted and May Have Trouble Sleeping

Sometimes it all becomes too much. You may feel overwhelmed by this chaotic, overstimulating and demanding world, but you do not always know how to take care of yourself. When you should be resting and recharging during sleep, you may instead be restless and toss and turn. If you are an open intuitive receptacle, other’s thoughts and feelings, may pour in while you sleep.  In an effort to shut out the demands of others and decrease your sensitivity to your environment, you may try to shut down and cut yourself off from your innate sensitivities. Unfortunately, this may only increase your feelings of exhaustion and inner stress.

Have Spiritual Depth

You may not be religious or follow a particular spiritual path, yet you have a sense of knowing and connection to a greater force of love and wisdom. While others may discuss and theorize about the existence of a God or spiritual force, you may not want to join in. Your sense of spirituality is lived and experienced. You are likely to notice opportunities to act in kind and loving ways to others. You give more than you ask for and expect from others. In your heart and soul you know that your life has purpose. You may not always know what it is, but you know that you are here to be of service to others and the world.

If you are intuitively sensitive it is important to acknowledge, accept and learn how to use this innate gift for your highest good. Instead of being intuitively bombarded by the energy of others and the environment, you can instead, personally benefit and be a light of insight and service to others.

From the book: Discover Your Authentic Self,  Take A Look

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  1. I have never read anything about intuition that’s as pointed and true as this. I have been : confused, intrigued, amazed,disturbed, cursed ( so I felt ) ,misunderstood, dispirited, dispised,Loved, honored even terrified because of my intuition. Empathy, wanting to shut off from family and friends, experienced horrible disturbing nightmares that came True! I have felt that there’s something seriously wrong with me for years. I wish that I could feel normal. ….why do I know things that I don’t, at times, want to know? I just want to use this gift? curse? to make my life better. Just don’t know how. Or even who to contact that won’t think I’m crazy

  2. I have never felt normal. I am clair audio,( not often)
    I also just know things. Always have since my childhood . I am constantly ill, tired, have headaches and migraines. I stay away from people because afterwards I am tired for days and if anyone is ill, I get it. I prefer animals to people hands down. I died in 1981 and have been to the beyond and had to return. I didn’t want to. Afterwards I found church was nothing more than an organized money gig. Your heart and soul are your church. I never hurt people, am mean, or take. I am a giver and I don’t lie. I don’t have friends because they use me. I lost a child and being raised Catholic I found myself praying constantly for 2 months before his death for no reason! Doing dishes, driving my car, walking, takung oyt the trash, and praying myself to sleep. At the moment of his death i had an angelic experience and was told to get to the house. I didn’t understand until I ran ro the house, sat sown, and the phone rang.
    it was the hospital. He’d been in a car accident.
    I had a visitations in dreams and in one dream where a 1/2 man, 1/2 lion type angelic being came with hands that had talon like fingernails. I wasn’t afraid. He said to get my affairs in order that October 5th. Was the end. I do not fear death as I have already been there and it’s a whole lot better than here. I was so amazed by his eyes! They glowed like a dim lit lantern. Ember in color and faceted more than any diamond I’d ever seen. Even after he told me the end was near, I responded by telling him that his eyes were so beautiful! Lol. He showed no emotion or response. I started to meditate in December as I think I may be an empath. I actually had a deceased friends father pop in with a message! I asked him for some type of proof, and he gave me a word. I didn’t know him in life but contacted my old friend and he explained the “word” & laughed. It hasn’t happened since. I meditate now and see fire and great balls of glowing fire falling to earth. I fight Depression, Chronic fatigue. Plus neuropathy from a tumor removed from my spine. I fight with low energy always. I have ordered your book but I think I need someone out there that understands me and can help one on one. Oh, forgot to mention that I am married to a Narcissist! 20 years! Lol
    Watched your youtube on lesson 1, but could not locate lesson 2. Any help deeply appreciated.
    Kindest Regards,

  3. I have felt the same way. I’ve never felt cursed but felt, as if, nobody understood me. Left out, left behind, invisible sometimes, and just didn’t feel like I fit in or belonged anywhere. You’re not crazy tho use it to help people.

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