The Not Very Psychic Ego

Once we begin to experience spontaneous psychic insights and desire to further develop our natural intuition, we are at a tipping point. Our spirit and soul is emerging and integrating into our conscious self. Our spirit is naturally psychic. It is not contained or limited by time or space and physical death. It is eternal and connected to the vast source of all love and wisdom. As our spirit bubbles up into our conscious awareness, it further strengthens our psychic awareness.

The work of psychic development is to activate our innate psychic awareness and integrate it into our conscious self and daily life. All too often we attempt to control psychic energy and fit it into what our ego feels and thinks it should be. However this rarely proves to be a successful strategy. It can be difficult to give up the reigns of control to the unseen inner force of psychic activity as the ego continually wants to jump in and take over the process. However, the ego or personality self is not intuitive or psychic and this aspect of our being is forever confined to the limitations of the five physical senses.

When we allow the ego to dictate and tell us what it means to be psychic, what to expect and how to develop psychic abilities, we lose our way. When confronted with psychic energy, it re- acts with apprehension, fear and doubt. The ego has a preconceived idea of what it means to be psychic and what the intuitive information and guidance that we receive should look and feel like. Yet, these assumptions and expectations are never correct and helpful. Too often people dis- count genuine psychic experiences and sabotage their progress because of unrealistic expectations.

Invite the ego to take a back seat. Allow your spirit, the eternal part of you that is trustworthy and always works in your best interest and highest good, to come forward. Intuitively listen to your spirit and observe, become aware and learn the unique way that psychic energy manifests in your life. Unlike the ego that operates through judgment and expectations, your spirit is gentle, guiding, and meets you right where you are. It works through your individual strengths and weaknesses and helps you to develop your unique psychic gifts.

From the book You Are Psychic     Check it out on Amazon

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