Intuition As A Feeling

Emotional intuition primarily surfaces through the heart. Listening to our heart is not the same as allowing our emotions, feelings and desires to dictate our perceptions and behavior. Underneath everyday feelings and emotions resides the wisdom of the intuitive heart. Beneficial guidance and insights that can help us through the everyday ups and downs of life, flow from the heart and when we listen to and trust our heart, we never regret it.

A good place to start developing and refining heart centered intuitive awareness is to become aware of the emotions and feelings that you experience on a daily basis. Although our emotional energy is multilayered, we tend to be most conscious of our current and recent emotions and what we want to be feeling. We are usually aware of how we feel toward the people who we regularly interact with and we tend to be in touch with the emotions that we generate in our present conditions. Our feelings guide us in developing our likes, dislikes and our preferences and assist us in making choices and decisions.

We are always feeling something. Our emotions are a part of us and so important to our wellbeing, that we can never not be feeling. We may be confused or we may not know how we feel, but emotional energy is still circulating and moving though us. When we experience emotions that are uncomfortable, like anger, fear and grief, we often repress and ignore them. Yet, they are still a part of us and continue to have power in our lives. Awareness of our daily emotions and feelings increases our self-awareness and promote positive feelings of well-being. A stronger connection and appreciation of the wide range of our emotions can also help us to better identify and understand our intuited emotions.

To develop emotional intuition it is essential to become aware of the difference between emotions that are self-generated from our ego and personality self and emotional energy that has been absorbed from others.

Emotions and feelings that come from the ego are usually reactive, protective and connected to what is happening in our lives, our personal preferences and our past experiences. They are intertwined within our thoughts, beliefs, what we encounter on a day to day basis and may be triggered by another or a particular situation. They vary in intensity and come and go.
When developing emotional intuition, it is important to be aware of our ego-centered feelings and emotions, without trying to rid ourselves of them. This awareness aids us in identifying and separating our personal feelings from intuited emotions and feelings.

From the Book You Are Psychic

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