Calling All Empaths, Come out of Hiding

Maybe it’s the moon or maybe it’s just me, but lately I’ve noticed that I’m more reactive to what others say and do and to our general collective state of being. I’d like to say that I stay mostly calm and centered in what comes my way, however this isn’t the case. From my outer appearance you’d never know that I might be in the midst of experiencing an inner emotional upheaval. 

It might also be that I’m feeling more because I invite my emotions to surface. I’m like an emotional whisperer. I encourage and call out my emotions from their hiding place, letting them know that they are welcome to the party of me. I want to fully feel everything that my curious complex self can stir up. I don’t want any bits of fear or sadness or excitement lying in wait, within me. Sinking into my bones and body and causing me unknown issues and confusion somewhere down the line. 

As an intuitive and medical intuitive, I see the affect that our stuffed away emotions and beliefs can have on our health and our general well-being. Most illness is as a result of or triggered by what we don’t or can’t feel or acknowledge. Pain and intense emotions buried within, disrupts the natural flow of vital life force energy that we so need to stay healthy.

In addition to my emotions, I feel others feelings, often with the same intensity as I feel my own and they can be as confusing and disruptive as my own. Intense feelers like myself, are often referred to as empaths. An empath is generally considered to be a sensitive intuitive who absorbs emotional and mental energy from others and the environment. Empaths can often intuitively sense the true character of others and often seek to be of service or lovingly care for those in need.

There are a few vulnerabilities that are attributed to empaths These commonly include such things as loving too much, being easily taken advantage of, attracting narcissists  and/or being prone to illness and anxiety. Empaths might also continually feel tired, especially when in the company of others and are said to be prone to addictions. They feel other’s stresses or illnesses and become overwhelmed by crowds or large gatherings.

If you too are intuitive and sensitive, it is essential to understand your need for self-care, alone time and how to let go and release unhealthy emotional and mental energy. We must have good boundaries and become aware of when others are expecting too much from us and when we are over feeling and giving. Too often, in our desire to be helpful and loving, we unknowingly absorb toxic or unwanted energy from others or the environment.

However, it’s not just those of us who are aware of our intuitive sensitivity that absorb energy, everyone does. This is our natural state of being. We feel and experience the energy, feelings and thoughts of others and our environment because we are energy beings, camouflaged in a physical shell. As we make our way through the day, our energy field intersects and connects with others and we often unknowingly absorb the energy surrounding us. Because energy exists outside of time and space, we can also be affected by and take in the energy of distant events and people, as well. Whatever provokes an emotional response within us, is capable of influencing and affecting us in ways that may not be healthy.

Unfortunately, most don’t recognize or believe that they are able to absorb and take in the emotional and mental energy of others and the environment. Some don’t think its possible, or they don’t perceive themselves as intuitively sensitive.

However, everyone is affected by the toxicity in our environment and the energy of others and many become ill, tired, anxious or aggressive because of it. Acts of violence both emotional and physical are not just because of one person’s sick soul, We live in a somewhat soulless culture and we are often unknowingly influenced by the predominant emotions and beliefs.

Those of us who are aware of our empathic sensitivity are better able to detect and protect ourselves from unhealthy energy and negativity. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of their intuitive sensitivities and the toxic energy of others. Unable to acknowledge what they feel, they may become hardened, uncaring and/or unfeeling and begin to identify with the cruelty of the world. There’s no collective and societal guiding principles that supports the path of the heart. We don’t recognize our collective pain and those who express their emotional discontent and needs are often teased or thought of as weak and overly sensitive. 

However, once we accept and embrace our intuitive sensitivity, we allow it the opportunity to fully blossom and become a strength. When we don’t shut down, ignore and go into denial, we can become more conscious of and absorb the higher vibrations of love and positivity. Being aware of our intuitive sensitivity can help us to recognize when we are at risk of taking on others energy and we can adopt boundaries that can keep us from becoming ill, overwhelmed, confused and exhausted. When we learn how to absorb the love of the heavens instead of the toxicity of the world, we are able to consciously feel the wounds and suffering of others and be compassionate and a source of healing. 

If you are intuitively sensitive, please stop thinking you are weak and that you need to hide away or overly protect yourself. You are highly evolved and leading the way. Listen to your inner guidance and trust it to guide you to what is in your highest good. The world needs you and your advanced and powerful state of being.

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2 thoughts on “Calling All Empaths, Come out of Hiding

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  1. This article is so beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to share your loving ideas and I’m sending you lots of healing energy.

  2. This is incredibly helpful. Thank you for helping me and others understand the often confusing feelings of being an empath. I expecially appreciated the validation of being able to express emotional discontent without being thought of as too sensitive or weak. Your strength and insight is a great teacher for me. Thank you Sherrie!

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