Here is My Story

I’ve always been uncomfortable about sharing my past. I’ve given little snippets in my books about how I came to be a psychic and medium, but have been reluctant to delve into the challenges that were a part of my psychic beginnings. Even when innocently asked by curious clients and friends, I’ve kept my journey stuffed away deep within myself. 

A year ago or so ago while driving and singing along to my favorite music, I was interrupted by a stronger than usual intuitive nudge. A shiver of electricity like energy moved up my spine and I heard an inner whisper.

“Its time to share your story.” 

I immediately knew that the story my spirit guides were referencing had to do with the difficulties I confronted when I was young, homeless and overwhelmed with psychic experiences. Just the thought of conjuring up the memories of this time and sharing it with others made me nervous and a little shaky. To my guides disappointment I sent them the message that this was an interesting idea and I would think about it. 

I tried to put the idea of writing about my past into the “maybe one day” pile, but it didn’t go into a state of slumber easily. My heart surged with the deep recognition that I had a story  to tell and that it might help others.

As I began to write, I realized that part of my hesitation about bringing my past up from the dark depths of my being came from feelings of unworthiness and shame. My inner seventeen year old blamed herself for the rejection and troubles that I had experienced. The young me thought that maybe it was my inadequacies and inherent strangeness that had made my life feel overwhelmingly confusing and difficult. 

Now, after many years of being a professional psychic, medium and teacher, I see things differently. I now know that we all experience varying degrees of upheaval in our lives. It is often during the most trying times that we come into the full awareness of our inner strength and the powerful energy of our soul.  Everyone is called into new experiences and self-awareness in their own unique way. We each have our own story and it is part of the sacred thread that runs through all of who we are, creating the intricate fabric of our life.

Unforeseen and challenging circumstances are more than simple bad luck or the result of poor choices. They are often a call from the divine within and the wisdom beyond our conscious knowing. Difficulties often come forward to activate and encourage our greater self to step into our purpose and to heal, love and give of ourselves to others and to ourselves.  

Intuitive and spiritual awareness is often part of our journey into greater self knowing. Psychic awareness is our soul’s messenger and as we open to and trust what unexpectedly comes our way, we are often guided in ways that defy explanation. Even in the darkest times, we are truly never alone. The mysterious whisper, intuition and heart felt knowing is like an invisible guiding hand, letting us know that powerful, loving and wise forces are present. 

Here is my story….

Take a Look and Listen

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  1. I can’t put the book down! Thank you for sharing your challenging and amazing story! I know it will touch and change many lives as your amazing work has changed mine! Thank you Beloved Sherrie Dillard! ❤

  2. Thanks for writing about yourself and your journey, Sherrie. I have wanted to know your story because somewhere deep inside, I felt it would help me as I travel down my own path. I cannot wait to crack it open … truly, thank you so much for taking this chance and being brave!

  3. Hi Sherrie
    Love your journey and love your honesty. It inspires the rest of us to love and accept all of ourselves and to realize that the paths we took to grow and evolve are what continues to shape us.

  4. Hi Sherrie
    Love your journey and love your honesty. It inspires the rest of us to love and accept all of ourselves and to realize that the paths we took to grow and evolve are what continues to shape us. Love the way you followed the guidance with such faith. Proud of you. You are a remarkable woman.

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