Welcome the Unexpected and Unknown

We’ve all had those times in our lives when the unexpected comes our way. This might be in the form of meeting a potential love interest, a compelling opportunity at work, finding our dream home or other unforeseen possibilities. However, sometimes the unexpected shows up in a more paranormal or psychic way. For instance, I have a client who never had a previous interest in unexplained phenomena suddenly wake one night to a white shadowy figure standing over her bed. A mother of two, came to see me not too long ago after dreaming of a catastrophic event that took place in another country. Two days later while watching the news, she learned that the event she dreamt of occurred that morning, just as in her dream.

For those who have never gotten their feet wet in the psychic waters and claim to never have had a paranormal experience, the topic of psychic phenomena can inspire such things as laughter, doubt and fear. It might also be met with curiosity, questions and a desire for proof. However, all of this changes once we’ve had a personal psychic experience of some kind. When the odd and unexpected stirs the heart, mind and soul, psychic awareness is no longer a distant and abstract concept to be debated or ignored. It is a force, an energy and a part of us.

If we haven’t given much thought to the possibilities of paranormal events, a psychic occurrence can rattle and shake us to the core. The very real possibility that reality is not what we have thought it to be, can be confusing and disorienting. For some, like myself, awakening to the mystifying and unusual is gradual and occurs over a series of events and strange encounters. 

In my situation I was psychic from a young age. However even through I had been able to see and communicate with my sister and other family members who had passed over, I was unprepared for the surge in psychic awareness that occurred as I got a bit older. Without warning or effort, I spontaneously saw and heard spirits and was able to communicate with many of them. I knew information and had insights into people and situations that I had no previous knowledge of. Some of what I intuited was minor and had little significance. However some of what came to me, involved more worldly events and dramatic insights into people and situations of more potential importance. 

At the same time that my psychic senses were coming into full bloom, my dysfunctional family was imploding. By the age of seventeen I was on my own, broke and trying to navigate my way through both the physical and spiritual worlds. For the next several years, I crisscrossed the country by bus, train, and hitchhiking in search of answers. My journey to finding a home, work and understanding what was psychically happening to me took me to unusual places, where I met equally unusual people and the spirits who unknowingly accompanied them. At times  loneliness, homelessness and the sense of being odd and different, was almost crippling. Gradually I became more comfortable with the ever-present spirits that seemed to always be with me and accepted their guidance and at times warnings, with more gratitude.

I now know that what was happening in my life, was part a greater archetypal awakening that many experience. Not everyone’s experience is as dramatic as mine. Yet, sooner or later something comes along that shakes us out of our complacency, insisting that there is more to life than what we might have thought. 

When the unknown arrives begging to be known, pay attention. Awe-inspiring psychic and paranormal breakthroughs can be mild or earth shattering. For instance, you may experience a spontaneous intuitive knowing about another person that proves to be true or sense or feel that a loved one who is on the other side, is close. A warm loving touch on the shoulder or a heart-felt assurance that everything will be okay during a time of need, feels convincingly other worldly. Perhaps the unexpected comes to you through knowing without knowing how you know that the company that you work for will be bought-out in the coming year.

Sometimes the unexpected comes to our door with a bigger bang. We move into a new house and begin to see what appears to be shadowy figures walking down the halls at night. There are strange noises and objects that seem to move on their own from room to room. Perhaps the unknown comes in the form of a series of coincidences that foretell the future. For instance, you notice a hawk sitting on a branch outside of your bedroom window. While at work, you look out the window and notice what appears to be the same hawk, watching you. Your interest is perked and you wonder if there is some kind of message that someone or something is trying to tell you. A day later you receive a phone call from a former boyfriend who tells you that he wants to reconcile. Within a few months you make plans to move across the county to be with him. As you contemplate leaving your home and current job, you notice the hawk calmly watching you from outside of your window. It occurs to you that maybe the persistent hawk isn’t just a random coincidence, but perhaps is a messenger guiding you into a new life.

When the mystifying, paranormal or unexpected comes our way, we often think we have a choice. We might believe that we can ignore, dismiss or disregard what is happening or we can accept it and see where we are led. However when a paranormal visitor comes knocking, we must open the door. Don’t try to convince yourself that you are imagining things or that what you are experiencing is an odd, but random, chance occurrence that has no significance. Even if you don’t feel particularly interested or inclined toward inviting the paranormal into your life, it has arrived. In some way you are ready, you may not know it, but your soul does and it’s calling you toward greater evolution and awareness. 

Although my own journey to experiencing, understanding and harnessing the psychic awareness that erupted in my life was at times shrouded in darkness and overwhelming, I wouldn’t change anything about it.  While the winding path that I traveled made no sense at the time, my life transformed in positive and exciting ways beyond what my human capacity could achieve on its own. Something was guiding me that knew exactly what it was doing and even in the bleakest moments, I drew comfort from the unknown.  

When we resist accepting and learning from the unexpected and often startling experiences that spontaneously flow into our life, we regret it. The calling to open and explore new horizons and the unexplainable has its root in our own soul. To be fully alive we must constantly challenge and surpass our self-imposed beliefs of who we are and what life is. Even when what we confront makes no sense and seems wildly bizarre or ridiculous, it has a gift. It may not be evident, but when we accept the journey, new worlds teeming with knowledge and wisdom open to us.  

We need psychic awareness. Not simply to know what is coming our way or to make good decisions and improve our lives, but to know who we are, what we are capable of and to activate the true potential of our humanness. Like a match that ignites a fire or a star that lights the dark sky, psychic energy sparks our awareness and perception. It lights a way for us to shift from the mundane and finite to the spiritual and eternal. 

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