Do you Hear? What I Hear?

Clairaudience is the ability to inwardly hear intuitive messages. Clairaudient thoughts may sound and feel like your own inner voice. Only rarely do they sound as if they are coming from someone else or an outer source. We all talk to ourselves. Sometimes our self-talk is spoken aloud, but usually we silently and inwardly talk to ourselves. Just as some thoughts are self-generated and some thoughts embody psychic energy information, some of our inner self talk is ego based and some of what we inwardly hear contains psychic energy information. 

If you wonder about the difference between a clairaudient message and your own thoughts here are some pointers. Clairaudient messages are never negative, judgmental or critical of who we are or of others. They also do not put us on a pedestal and tell us that we are better or more worthy than others. These kinds of thoughts and messages are from the ego and the unconscious. Instead, clairaudient messages are subtle, even toned and informative. They are positive, affirmative and lead to our highest good. Clairaudient messages may be personal and lovingly guide us through our day to day affairs. For instance, they may whisper to us to avoid certain situations or people, inform us of what route to take to a destination or what kind of foods to eat. Caring for our best interests in every area of our lives, clairaudient thoughts can help us to feel watched over and taken care of.

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