Are You Absorbing Other’s Energy?

Some of the more puzzling sensations that we may experience come in the form of physical symptoms that appear to be connected to our health. 

While it may be energizing, to take on the positive and healthy vibes of another, absorbing unhealthy and problematic physical energy is confusing and potentially unhealthy. Those with a high degree of physical intuition are susceptible to absorbing the physical energy of a co-worker, family member, friend and even the energy of those who they encounter on a daily basis. Although we are more likely to absorb the aches and pains of those who we are emotionally and/or physically close to, it is possible to pick up the energy of another while riding the subway or while in a meeting at work.  

Discovering The Source 

If you find yourself suddenly experiencing a headache, back pain, an upset stomach, unexplained pain or other physical discomfort, you may be experiencing another’s physical issues. Not all unexplained and sudden aches and pains come from others. However, if your health suddenly changes after being with another who is ill or in pain or if a physical symptom feels off, you may need to further investigate the source of these feelings. 

To intuitively tune into the source of your physical pain or unexplained symptoms sit quietly and listen within. Take a few relaxing breaths and draw your attention to the area where you are experiencing pain for discomfort. Dialogue with this area, then pause and listen. 

Here are a couple questions you may want to ask.

Does this physical discomfort originate from within?

Did I absorb it from another?

It is important to take time to listen and be patient. At times there will be a quick direct intuitive response and at other times, understanding the message takes longer. You body may also communicate to your through your dreams or through synchronisities. Simply paying attention and listening to your physical intuitive sensations increases the free flow of intuitive communication with your body. 

Further Communication with Your Body

Pain that does not abate, even when you are no longer in an environment where others may be ill or in pain and discomfort and pain that does not seem to be related to another, is likely coming from within self. Seek medical attention and continue to intuitively communicate with the body.

If you feel that the physical pain or symptoms that you are experiencing are related to your health, talk to you body. Discomfort and pain is one of the ways that the body communicates with us and sends us messages. If you have physical symptoms or pain that you would like to better understand and begin to heal, here are a few questions to begin the dialogue. 

What can I do to heal?

What is this pain trying to tell me?

What thought, belief or emotion is connected to this pain or discomfort?

Ask one question at a time, then pause and listen within. Be patient and keep in mind that the answer or response may come at a later time. Sometimes when we are overly focused on receiving intuitive information, we block it from naturally surfacing. Try to stay in a relaxed, curious and receptive mode. 

Letting Go Of Absorbed Intuitive Energy

To release and let go of energy that you have unknowingly and intuitively absorbed into your body from another, take a few deep relaxing breaths and let go of any stress and tension.

Draw your attention to any inner disturbance, feeling, sensation or physical discomfort or pain that you feel you may have absorbed from another. Send compassion and love to this energy by imagining the sensation, headache, pain, etc. wrapped in white light. Allow the light to lift this energy out of the body and into a greater stream of white light energy.

You can further heal yourself and another by visualizing a white light ball of love energy and compassion. Imagine sending it to the person or situation that generated this discomfort. You do not need to know where or who it came from. Ask that it goes back to its source as positive energy.

Keep your heart open to love.

From the book, You Are Psychic, Check It Out-Here



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