Three Ways Our Body Talks to Us

True health emerges from within. At its most minute level, our physical body is a collection of energy and vibrating cells, each one infused with life force energy and intelligence. These cells communicate with one another, helping to keep our mind, body and spirit in optimum health. When we open our awareness and become receptive, we can consciously intuit this wisdom and knowing 

Although everyone is intuitive, many disregard their natural intuitive tendencies. We do this in part because we tend to have a preconceived idea of what it means to be psychic or intuitive. If we don’t receive clear and vivid images or hear easy to understand comprehensives health information, our rational thinking self may question and doubt that we have the ability to access and understand the complexity of our physical body and all of its intricacies.  However our natural intuition lies beyond the confines of logical thoughts and can receive and interpret the important and useful, mind, body and spirit energy information that is constantly broadcast our way. 

Our energy body, which includes, our mind, heart, physical self and our spirit continually  sends and receives messages. We’re just not always consciously aware of them. It’s easy to talk ourselves out of trusting inner insight and messages that don’t seem to have any definitive validity. Our day to day concerns might also drown out the inner voice or we may confuse intuitive messages as random mind chatter and ignore them.

To better hone in on valuable intuitive information, it can be helpful to start a conversation with our inner self. You don’t have to be an expert intuitive or a mystical being to listen to your heart, mind and physical body 

To Listen, Try This:

To become better at listening to your inner self, you may want to begin by getting into a comfortable position in a quiet place. Inhale and exhale a few deep cleansing and relaxing breaths. Try to clear your mind of any expectations of what or how your energy body will communicate and be open to surprises. 

As you relax and breathe, focus on an area of pain, tightness, ache or area of concern in your body and inwardly ask, “What is the pain, (stress, tightness, concern, etc.) trying to tell me?”

Breathe and patiently listen. 

Here are a few of the most common ways that your energy self may respond. 


One of the most common ways that our body conveys insights and healing information to us is through our emotions. Often times, it is not words, images, or thoughts that initially surfaces. Instead deeper awareness comes through our feelings and emotions, some of which can be subtle and understated, or intense and even overwhelming. Allowing repressed feelings and emotions to surface is one of the most effective ways to heal, and revitalize the body, mind and spirit. Behind ever ache and pain, aliment, discomfort and feelings of vitality and wellness, there is emotional energy. Unexpressed, stuffed away or unconscious emotion, will at some point, manifest in our body as an ache, pain, discomfort or illness, unless we release it. As we focus our attention on our body and begin to communicate and listen to it, repressed emotional energy bubbles up to the surface and as we feel it, we let it go. 

As emotions and feelings are nudged from their hiding place, we begin to feel what we may not have been able to feel in the past. Repressed emotions tend to surface in the same intensity as when they were first experienced. We have a natural tendency to not want to feel uncomfortable feelings. So when difficult feelings begin to emerge, we may shift into this unconscious pattern and again push our feelings down in order to not feel them. Become aware if you are slipping into this response and allow yourself to feel and acknowledge them. 

You don’t need to know the exact event or when and why these emotions were initially repressed and stuffed down. This information may intuitively surface. However if it doesn’t, you still cleanse and clear the blocked emotional energy. Resist the temptation to overthink and focus on the past. Take a deep breath and stay in the intuitive process of allowing yourself to feel. It is through feeling what has been repressed and stuck that we heal.   

Intuitive Thoughts 

Have you ever had a persistent thought or inwardly heard an intuitive health related message? When I did a health scan with Lisa, it was clear that she was having a difficult time digesting dairy. There was excessive mucus in her body which was slowing down her digestion and creating the perfect habitat for bacteria. When I brought this up to her, she was not surprised. 

“For a while now I have been getting the inner message to stop eating dairy,” she said. “I guess I didn’t want to believe that this was really a problem. I love cheese and don’t want to give it up.”

Our energy body often communicates to us through a sense of knowing, thoughts and through hearing inner messages. When we spontaneously receive an intuitive thought or insight about our health, we often ignore it. Sometimes we don’t want to change our habits or diet and at other times we don’t trust what we receive. We might also assume that an intuitive thought is self-generated, we are over-thinking or the message is simply our imagination at work. 

To better identify and trust these messages, here are some pointers. 
Intuitive thoughts have a consistent and calm quality. They return over and over in the same, detached, yet steady manner. Mind chatter incites emotion and can make us feel unsettled or excited. Intuitive thoughts are more matter of fact and neutral feeling. 

Intuitive thoughts are persistent and usually steady in vibration. They will not always jump out at you or initially seem important. You may hear words, phrases, sentences or intuit a complete knowing and understanding in a particular area of your health. Even when an intuitive thought entails a more urgent concern, it is usually steady, simple and neutral feeling.

Synchronicities and Dreams

Sometimes we do our best to begin a dialogue with an ache, pain or physical concern, but we just don’t seem to receive a response. While our energy body always replies to our request to communicate, it may not do so when we want it to or in a way that we expect. Be patient with yourself and pay attention to the thoughts and emotions that surface long after you have asked for insights and deeper awareness. 

The response might also come later through synchronicities and dreams. Our energy body has clever ways of getting us the answers that we seek. Synchronicities are an unusual and fascinating form of  mind, body, spirit intuitive communication. After intuitively opening yourself to energy information, pay attention to any interesting coincidences. For instance, if you hear the name of health practitioner or other professional, a service or practice, or the title of a book, more than once or in a striking manner, pay attention and investigate. Synchronicities that involve certain foods, advice or random remarks from friends or family, plans falling through or unexpected opportunities coming your way, are also forms of intuitive messages. 

Sometimes valuable insights and information comes to us through our dreams. When we sleep, the conscious mind is no longer active and this allows our intuitive awareness to surface. At times dreams tell us what we need to know in a straight forward way. I’ve had clients tell me that their dreams have indicated such things as, specific foods to eat or eliminate and medical tests or treatments that have proven to be healing and valuable. 

However the meaning of our dreams is not always obvious. Helpful health insights and guidance might be more symbolic, figurative and metaphoric. Along with the action and images, pay attention to the emotional energy within the dream.  The stuffed down emotions that are creating disharmony in our mind, body and spirit, may surface in our dreams to be released. 

Dream language is subjective and its always best to trust our intuitive gut and heart when interpreting a dream’s meaning. However there are a few common symbols that can be indicators of health and wellbeing. For instance, water is often symbolic of our physical, emotional and spiritual energy. I’ve had many dreams of lakes, the ocean and a few times, of fish tanks. When there is murky water or water draining or dripping, I take this as a sign that I’m pushing too hard and and in need of rest. Dreams of water hoses, taking a shower or bath, swimming in a dark pool of water or in a tumultuous ocean, often contain health messages. The amount of water in a dream, its translucence or cloudiness and its calm or turbulent state may indicate fluctuating energy levels, the need to detox, dehydration or issues with the lymphatic system. 

Dreams of fire, electrical power lines, digging a hole, mud, an ambulance, medical equipment, hospitals, explosions, lightning and a hungry baby can be red flag warnings of to pay attention to our our health and well-being.  Dreams that foretell healing and physical revitalization often contain positive symbols like, flowers blooming, clear skies or water, sunlight, calm seas, puppies, rainbows and pregnancy.

The important role that intuition can play in our health and wellbeing is becoming increasingly more accepted. Just as we have become more conscious of the role that our diet, exercise and our emotions and thoughts play in healing and creating optimum health, we are also beginning to collectively listen to and become aware of the value of intuitive health messages.

Develop Your Medical Intuition Check it out. 


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