Feeling Isolated? Try Telepathy

If you are practicing social distancing and isolation, you might be feeling a little adrift and lonely. This might be a great time to practice and brush up on your intuitive skills. There are no barriers, boundaries or viruses in high vibration energy. You can reach out to others and get all close, warm and cozy.

You might want to do the following exercise with a friend or family member. Remember it’s always a good idea to get permission from another before you do telepathy. If you cant ask for this in the physical. Say a prayer and ask for permission from another’s higher mind. If you feel blocked or it’s simply not working to connect with them through telepathy, this is a sure sign that they are not onboard. If this happens, move on.

This exercise and more information about telepathy and other intuitive psychic abilities are in my book You Are Psychic.  Happy Intuiting!

Everyday Telepathy

Telepathy is a common form of communication between people who know one another well. Our thoughts intermingle with other’s thoughts on a daily basis and we rarely notice or pay much attention to it. As you become more aware of telepathic communication, it is possible to focus on an individual and receive their thoughts. This is possible with those who you are in relationship with and with others who you do not know as well or at all. 

To practice telepathy, find a quiet space and become quiet. Take a few deep breaths and relax. When you feel calm, imagine an image of the person who you would like to communicate with and say their name. You may not see a clear image of the person and this is fine, the exercise still works. 

Send a thought message to this person asking permission to communicate with his or her higher mind. Continue to breathe and relax. 

Ask this person a question through a thought message. Make it a simple question asking him or her about their thoughts regarding a specific event, issue or topic. Think and focus on the message than imagine sending it to their higher mind.

Breathe, be patient, wait and listen. The intuitive thoughts you receive will most likely feel as if they are your own. However, an intuitive thought is even toned, matter of fact and a concise statement. To discern a telepathic from your own thought, use the same criteria that describes claircognizant and clairaudient thoughts.  (for more on this check out the book: You Are Psychic)

Once you have received a telepathic thought, you can continue to ask questions, one at a time. Then be patient and wait for a response. If you have patiently waited for a response and do not receive one, it may be that the person who you are tuning into does not want to communicate. This is through no fault of yours, we all have free will and some decline to intuitively communicate. If you are not sure what is happening, try communicating with someone else.  

It is best keep these sessions short to reduce confusion and mental exhaustion. Too much intuitive going back and forth can weaken the telepathic connection. 

Once you have completed this telepathic conversation, send the person who you have been communicating with a white ball of cleansing love energy. Imagine white light filling their mind and body. Then imagine a pure ray of white light filling your mind and discharging any thoughts, feelings and energy that is not in your highest good.  

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