Change is Here

On Jan. 1, I posted on facebook a list of some predictions for 2020. My guides always help me with this and when I found myself typing out that we would have a health crisis with new bacterias, I was surprised, but not really

We have collectively been moving at an intense pace. Driven by materialism and at times, showing a callous disregard for living beings, both human in the natural world. It felt inevitable that something would come along to shake us up.

Of course, there are many who are awake to the affects of the relentless materialistic momentum. Those of us who are, may have struggled with feelings of powerlessness in not being able to stem the tide and influence larger scale change and transformation.

As much as we would like to lay blame on China and bats or other causes for the virus we are confronting, we owe it to ourselves and others, to take this both personally and celestially. 

Just as we don’t have a cure for the virus at this time, we don’t have the answers to the significance of what is occurring. However. we are being forced to take a step back and slow down. 

The ability to see things differently and gain insight into ourselves, is made easier when we are forced out of our comfort zone. When our routines and confidence in what the day will bring starts to crumble, we are more vulnerable and open. During this time of upheaval, listen within and ask for insight into what this health crisis is teaching you. What might you need to become more aware of about yourself and others?

If you find yourself gripped with fear and stress, breathe and go within. Recognize that you have never really had the ability to control the world as much as you may have thought. There is and always has been a higher presence and power that is guiding you. Feel the warmth and love of your physical and spirit friends and family.

On the spiritual path, we know that everything that occurs can teach us something and lead us further along on our soul’s evolutionary journey. Both the difficult and challenging and the joyful and positive, has a gift for us. 

When I ask my guides for insight and guidance, they remind me that we are all confronting a choice. Change is happening and we can either let go into it or resist and struggle. Letting go does not mean we will get tossed around by the surrounding chaos. Instead it is a release into the current of the one power which is always steering you into your highest good. 

Let’s not just aim to just get back to normal. We will develop a vaccine, the virus will become less of a threat, the stock market will rise, we will go back to school, work, restaurants, the gym and all the other activities that keep us focused in the physical world. 

For now, choose to take care of yourself and others. If you are socially isolating in your home, take a walk, and notice the sprouting buds and pale green shoots of Spring. Read the books you’ve been meaning to get too. Go through your closets and give away what you no longer wear or use. Learn a new language. Play with your children and reach out to friends through the phone or internet.

 If you have a family member, friend or know of someone suffering with the virus, reach out and ask what you can do. If you yourself are suffering with ill health, reach out to others and ask for love, support, prayers and healing. Don’t forget there is power in prayer and sending love and healing.  As we do this for all that suffer and are in fear, it elevates the collective vibration. 

Remember that there are many in health care and other professionals that are working hard day and night to bring relief to other’s suffering. Send them love and find a way to let them know that they are appreciated. 

Let’s envision a better world and a more loving way of being. Add to the collective good by having compassion for yourself and others. When you look back at this time, let the service, renewal and soul advancement that you attained, warm your heart and soul.  

Here is the facebook predictions that was posted on Jan. 1 2020. 

2020 Some of What May Come to Be

Surge in people moving deeper into spirituality

Increase in sightings and connection with extraterrestrials- really evolved beings 

Trend toward simplicity, away from wealth and materialism

Movement toward healing the planet builds momentum

Democratic close victory in presidential race

Further corruption and coverups revealed in politics

Breakdown of health insurance and medical care for many

More visible poverty and pollution in U.S.

Health crisis with new bacteria

Water and food, compromised

More people leaving the earth through climate change, flooding, mega-storms, health issues, etc.

Some movement toward living in communes and communities of like minded

Continued split in consciousness- materialism vs. heart awareness

Choose a spiritual consciousness, take the step and trust the unseen and the power of spirit. We are increasingly moving into a higher vibration, whether we are ready or not. It’s coming.

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  1. Thank you, Sherrie, for reminding me to breathe and to be grateful. You hit the nail on the head. Slowing down is exactly what we need to experience life as more than blur of activity. As uncomfortable as that can be, it offers us a chance to bring what is most important into focus.

  2. Thank you Sherrie for sharing!
    This really resonates with me 🙏. I’m interested in the medical mediumship course you have (I’m from Sweden and probably not able to catch the zoom). Is it tangible, do we practice on one another also? All the best, Theresa

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