Body Talk- Covid-19

Since I predicted a health crisis caused by a new bacteria and a breakdown in health care in 2020, many have been asking me about the future of the virus.

Much of what now occurs is dependent on our actions. The future is a work in progress and especially at times of chaos we are creating what happens next.

With that said I have been given some general updates by my guides.

I’ve talked with the virus and it is a frantic, lost and an uncontrollable energy. It is hungry and searching for something, but not gaining any energy by attacking us. Despite what it looks like it is not getting stronger as a virus.  It is actually wearing itself out. It has spurts of high intense activity and this is what we are going to see in the future. Areas of the county and world, where it escalates and takes off, until it runs out of steam and begins to die out.

We will likely see an up and down and an escalation of cases through June-July. Then its going to start to crash in July- early August, which could be rapid.

There will be increased treatments that begin to show some promise.

One that has to do with a drug that slows the virus’s ability to multiplying in the body. Other treatments that work to heal and prevent the disease will be more holistic, such as Vitamin C intravenous infusions and other homeopathic type and vitamin, herbal combinations. Strengthening your body through foods such as nuts and seeds, sprouted beans, vegetables and fruits is essential and lots of water 

I know that this might seem a bit nutty, but my guides recommend that we all take some quiet time and talk to our bodies. When the virus enters our system, it doesn’t always recognize it as dangerous until it has already begun to multiply.

Imagine and visualize your immune system on alert to the virus and holding a strong defense as soon as it enters. See the immune system quickly isolating the virus and starving it, before it has a chance to invade the cells. Thank your immune system for its protection and send it a lot of love.

This virus is frantic and fearful and it’s important to keep loving and having compassion for ourselves and others. This strengthens the body and helps it to become more aware of this frantic virus when it comes into our system. When we are in fear and feel powerless, the body has a harder time detecting the virus.

It’s not an accident that you are here at this time. It is a perfect opportunity for Self-Soul Mastery. Have a conversation with your body, visualize the virus dying out and love. Say No, to what is not in your highest good. Even if you are fearful of letting go, now is the time to come out of denial and step into your power.



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  1. Your insights provide much needed hope and comfort. Do your guides have any information about when it might be safe to travel by car? By airplane?
    Thanks so much for sharing your gift.

  2. Maybe the virus is delivering the message that we, as civilizations, should focus and spend more resources on helping each other for the betterment and highest good of existence instead of having to spend so much on military defense to protect ourselves from preventable threats, such as threats from each other.

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