Messages From Spirit Workshop

Sometimes the insight and help we need comes from an invisible source. Nothing happens by accident. There is a purpose behind what we are collectively experiencing with the Coronavirus. Even the most difficult and confusing situation can be transmuted into something of meaning and deeper awareness.

It is in challenging times that something profound and meaningful emerges from within. Even though it does not appear to be, this is the beginning of renewal, personally and collectively

 In these unprecedented times we are all dealing with practical day to day issues as well as trying to discern the personal meaning of what we are experiencing. We can’t just go back to who we were and whatever we considered normal. The sooner we understand the significance of what is being asked of us by our soul and a greater presence and power, the easier the way going forward will be.

In this workshop

You will receive Intuitive Messages and Direction to Guide you in Positive Transformation.

Strengthen and Develop your Intuition

Includes guided mediations and other exercises to access helpful information in to move forward with clarity and enthusiasm.

All Levels Welcome

Date: June 6th

12:00 to 2:30 EST

Fee: 90.00

Those financially affected by the Coronavirus sliding scale 45.00 to 90.00, You determine.

Class is on Zoom. A link will be sent for easy access


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