You Are Not Alone

Writing and having a book published is not a speedy process. It usually takes me a minimum of two and a half years or more. From the initial idea to when the book is out and about enjoying its freedom can take a decade. I’ve learned to wait patiently for the energy of the new project to make its way to me. Sometimes this takes awhile and I become anxious and try to go it on my own. This never really works and I can spend a lot of time writing and deleting what I’ve written. When I feel an inner  spark of energy, I listen closely for the creative divine to whisper my next project in my ear. 

My new book, I’m Still With You, came to me in such a way. From the moment the energy of the book slid into my heart, I felt the love and compassion of the other side. It’s not always possible in the physical world to fully feel and understand how much the spirit realm loves and watches over us. The veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thin. Your loved ones are with you and know and feel what you are experiencing. 

Saying that we are in an unusual time is an understatement. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed more than our daily routines, our employment and the way that we interact with others. Every day we are confronted with the reality of suffering and physical death. Those who become ill might endure weeks of physical distress, agonizing symptoms and the very real threat of losing their lives. We may have loved ones, co-workers, friends and family who are struggling with the illness. With little we can do to help those we love, we might feel powerless and fear that they might not recover. 

On a daily basis we are collectively more aware of suffering and death. We read and hear about how many people have been diagnosed with the coronavirus and how many in our local community, our nation and the world have passed over. Death is not hiding quietly behind the door that we dare not open. It’s real and present. Some go into denial and can’t take in the suffering of others. They become angry and focus only on the injustice of their own situation. For others, the suffering of others triggers past losses and grief. Even if you have not lost someone and don’t have a loved one who is ill, difficult emotional memories of personal and family illness and death might surface. 

When I wrote I’m Still With You, I was guided to explore grief and the continuing journey that we share with our loved ones after they pass over. The spiritual path of grief, while exceedingly difficult, opens our heart and leads us into the realization of the power of love and life after death. The grieving process is more than an emotion, a philosophical idea or a painful period of mourning. Grief transforms us and changes us in ways that are unpredictable. 

Many are surprised that after a loss they feel more open to the idea of exploring a connection with loved ones on the other side. Some worry and wonder what has happened to their loved ones, where they are and what they are doing? Most have a feeling or sense that at times a loved one may be close or might be sending them a message.

During this time of unprecedented upheaval where we all have experienced change and loss of some kind, we are shaken and vulnerable. Our routines have fallen away and many are experiencing economic challenges, illness, suffering and the possible loss of a loved one. Even if you and no one in your family or friends is ill or has passed over because of the virus, confusing emotions may still surface. This is the book I would most want others to have right now. As we contend with the current challenges, our past losses and grief are often triggered. We can allow the grief to lead us into parts of ourselves and new awareness of why we are here and what is essential for our wellbeing. All that we experience can be used and transformed by the light of awareness and the loving and wise presence of Spirit. 

It times of collective fear and confusion, it is comforting to know that we are not alone. Your loved ones on the other side are present offering love, support and the assurance that despite how it appears, all is well. There is no death and all suffering is temporary.

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  1. I’m reading Sherrie’s book now, and the timing is amazing as her insights are verifying some of my experiences and synchronicities right now. Very powerful. 💜💜💜

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