The Synergy of Love Is Eternal

The following is a short excerpt from my latest book I”m Still With You: Heal and Evolve with Your Loved Ones on the Other Side

The moment of our passing out of the physical body and into the spirit realm is a holy and intimate encounter with our creator. It doesn’t matter the cause of our passing, the reason for leaving this earth or the quality of our life, the doors to an all encompassing love swing open. The heaviness of our troubles, worries and suffering falls away and we float in the soft rays of light. 

When someone close to us passes over, we may feel a wide range of emotions and reactions. For those who watched a loved one suffer through a longterm illness, the passing may be bitter sweet. We may feel relieved that our loved one is no longer in pain and suffering. However we still feel a tremendous amount of grief and loss. When a loved one’s passing over is sudden and unexpected, we often experience shock, become numb and perhaps go into denial. It may take time to fully feel and understand the tremendous change that has taken place in our lives. Whatever the circumstances of a loved ones passing, the life that we have been living is forever altered.

Over the course of our relationships with those we love, we energetically bond. As we spend time together and share our thoughts and emotions and our love, our connection becomes stronger. Our life experiences, emotions and thoughts harmonize and our spirits become intertwined. From the physical perspective, we are in separate bodies with a clear division and boundary between ourselves and another. From the spiritual energy framework, we are not as separate as what we may think. Our energy field or auras and our souls are often interwoven, come together, intermingle and flow into oneness with one another. .

The phrase, The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, is attributed to the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. The change and transformation that occurs when things and people come together has been continually observed since his lifetime, sometime around 350 BC. In the 19th century the term synergy began to be used in the field of physiology to describe this same sentiment. Synergy describes a phenomenon in which the combined energy of two parts creates something wholly new that transcends the original combination of the two. 

The idea of synergy is applied in areas such as psychology and the study of behavior, business, biology and science. In psychology we find a similar type of understanding in Gestalt theory that maintains, that the whole is something else or something different then its parts. We experience this phenomenon in our relationships. Through our loving connections with others we are changed and become someone different. We fall in love or are attracted to a particular person because of how we feel when we are with them. We are transformed. They bring out the best, most loving, fun and interesting parts of us. In the glow of this recognition, we become our best selves. 

After a loved one passes over we may feel raw, vulnerable and disoriented, as if a part of us has been torn away. Although the very real and tangible bond that we feel with another is still present, we need time to transform and heal and become familiar with who we are without our loved one’s physical presence. In addition to the deep sadness we feel, we might also experience a sense of not being altogether present, spacey, low-energy, depressed or lost.

Our synergistic bond with others extends beyond our feelings of affection for them. Love energetically connects us to others. When we love another and share ourselves with him or her, our souls and energy self unite and fuse together almost as one. Although we still retain our individual energy field, our loved one becomes a part of us. This synergy of love transforms us. This is true in all our relationships and is most potent in our connection with those closest to us, such as our husband or wife, romantic partner, parents, children and other close family members and friends.

We are forever a part of our loved ones and they are a part of us.

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