Spiritual Guidance Exercise: The Psychic Elevator

The following exercise is from my book You Are Psychic. I woke up thinking about this exercise as it can be helpful when we are in need of higher guidance. 

Spiritual guidance is not always easy to understand. Even when we receive and correctly interpret intuited energy information, it can be a puzzle. The nature of intuited spiritual guidance is that it is often coded in mystery and wonder. It may take a while to truly take in the message in a logical way. After our spirit and soul has had a chance to simmer and absorb spiritual guidance, it tends to become more clear. Yet, it usually takes time and patience to be revealed. In the meantime, the intuited symbol, message, feelings or insights that we receive continues to seep into the deep recess of our soul and spirit and create inward change that is not always easy to notice and understand. 

This meditation exercise assist you in lifting your vibration and receiving intuitive spiritual guidance from the angels, divine presence and spiritual beings. With this exercise you can receive general guidance or insight into a question or area of interest. After you determine your intent for this meditation, do the Preparation Clearing Exercise before beginning and imagine yourself surrounded by white light.  

  • Breath work is essential to reaching a higher vibration. It gives you the energetic boost that you need to ascend to higher realms. Get into a comfortable position and close your eyes. Begin to breathe long deep breaths. Move the energy of the breath through the body and exhale any stress and tension. Continue to breathe in this way. 
  • When you feel relaxed lift your vibration to a higher state of consciousness by breathing white light down through the top of the head and exhaling it through the heart. Continue to breathe in this way, inhaling white light energy and as you exhale, imagine your heart opening. You may begin to feel the signs of a higher vibrational state, tingling in the body, a buzzing feeling, light headed or the feeling of expansion and lightness. Breathe in this manner until you sense an increase in vibration. 
  • When you are ready, imagine a blank screen in front of you. Using your imagination encourages clairvoyance. Remember, you may not see a three dimensional blank screen. Instead you might have a sense of it, know or feel it. It may appear cartoonish or made up. All of this is fine.
  • Imagine a golden elevator on the blank screen. Notice as much detail about it as you can. 
  • As you pay attention to the elevator, imagine that the door opens and you step into it. Within the elevator, there is a feeling of openness and space. It feels soothing and comfortable. Breathe and imagine your consciousness rising as you move energy through your body.  
  • Once in the elevator the door gently closes and you begin to ascend higher and higher. As you are lifted higher, continue to breathe and relax. Breathe and imagine yourself lifting into a higher consciousness. Move the energy through you and allow it to lift you. 
  • You may feel the sensation of the elevator rapidly ascending or it may feel to be a slower and more gradual lifting. Eventually the elevator comes to a stops.
  • As the door opens there is a message waiting for you. Become aware of any intuitive thoughts, feelings, messages, or insights. In addition you may intuitively see or sense a messenger, an object or symbol. Be patient and stay in a receptive mode. It may time some time to become intuitively aware and receive guidance and energy information. 
  • When you have received all that you can at this time or if the image begins to dissipate, imagine a beam of light dissolving the image.


Higher spiritual guidance usually brings with it feelings of love and compassion. The message may come as an emotional healing, feelings of comfort or deep peace. You may feel a message or you may feel a heart centered opening and new awareness.

You may have experienced higher vibration energy as a buzzing sensation or felt an increase of energy in your body, particularly your head. These are positive signs letting you know that you are raising your vibration.  

Intuited Thoughts: 

Along with the intuited emotional energy a message may come as one word, a phrase or a complete understanding. You may have a sense of knowing and spiritual insight that might be difficult to put into words and fully grasp. If you do not understand a message, give it time to unfold. At times spiritual messages can seem like a puzzle. However there is a deeper meaning that in time makes sense. 

Image Glossary

You may receive intuited images visually, through a sense of knowing and through feeling them. They may or may not be clear and detailed.


The elevator is the psychic energy receptacle that assists you in reaching a higher state of consciousness in order to receive spiritual guidance. 

Intuited Images: 

You may see or sense an image that embodies the message. Be aware of other energy information that surfaces along with an image. 

Intuited Symbols: 

The message may come as a symbol which may or may not initially make sense. You may want to write or draw the symbol down and search for its meaning in a dream or symbolic glossary. Some symbols are unique and are meant to speak and invoke the energy of our soul. They bypass conscious understanding and work on deeper levels. 


It is possible that you will see or sense a spirit being or divine presence. This may be a loved one in spirit, an angel, a spirit guide or a divine presence. Although you will likely want to know more about the being that is present, try to focus on the message.

If you did not receive any intuited information you may need to go back to the breath. Allow yourself the time that you need to breathe and attain a higher vibration. It is also likely that a spiritual message will come to you in a dream or at another time. 

Spirit guides, angels and loved one on the other side, have their way of doing things. While we may desire a specific answer or guidance in a form that makes sense to us, their agenda may be quite different. When working with higher energy, remember that you are the student. It will not work to try and control the process or the spirit realm. Let yourself be led and humble yourself in the process. There is much greater goodness and love waiting for you than you can imagine. Spirit plays big.

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