Riding the Wave of 2020

Given the challenges, health crisis and turmoil that this year has brought us, I am continually impressed and in awe of you my spiritual tribe. You continue to be grounded, compassionate and understanding. Thank you for being here, for being the light in the darkness and an example to others. While some may find an escape route through negativity, anger and false righteousness, you allow your spirit to guide you.

We all have days and times when we feel overwhelmed, heavy with grief, angry or in despair. It’s natural and normal to go through emotional ups and downs. Be aware when you are using food or other things to cover up and repress your emotions. While we all might need to watch Netflix and curl up on the couch with our favorite comfort food at times, be aware when this is creating more inner imbalance.  Feel your emotions and allow them to move through you, even the difficult ones. As you feel, you let go of and release them. 

Our path is made easier when we allow our inner wisdom and love to find its home within our everyday thoughts. Remember who you are and that you chose to be here at this time. While it might not make sense or be obvious, in all of this turmoil there a gift for you. You might not recognize it and often it is only in retrospect that we become aware of the subtle or more noticeable progress we’ve made. Know that as you move through your day, a higher plan that knows exactly what it is doing is unfolding. Don’t get locked into the belief that what is happening in politics, the environment, the virus and other health challenges and racist attitudes and actions are the status quo and that we are all doomed.

Change and transformation can be ugly business, which is why we don’t want to do it. Ride these times like you would a powerful wave that is taking you to shore. Trust that there are invisible divine forces that are supporting and leading you, Loosen your grip on material consciousness and trust the little things. The synchronicities, the inner voice assuring you that you are loved and watched over and the movement of your heart when unexpected kindness comes your way.  Act from love, even when it seems hard to do so or not effective. Eventually negativity destroys itself. Chaos precedes new order. From the darkness, light emerges, bringing with it renewal and new life. 

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  1. Sherry, Congrats on your recent move. From my family to yours, we wish you a comfy and cozy settling-in. Hope you are loving your new environs! And much appreciation for the encouraging reminders in this blog. ✨💖

  2. Hi Sherrie Wow you are in the Mts. I hope you are doing well It seams like yesterday that I was coming to see you in Durham or even here in Ral. I wish you well and keep in touch The air b&b sounds interesting IN JOY Nancy

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