2021 A New Cycle of Creation

An early morning New Year Day message from my Guides

In this year 2021, we are being given the opportunity to create anew. The earth karma is very old and set in its ways. In 2020, we experienced the further emergence and surfacing of the karmic patterns that had been set in motion long ago. As difficult as 2020 has year has been, it broke down and created cracks in the energetic vibration that we have been somewhat collectively controlled by. 

 In 2021, we are still going to be subject to karma, but new energy is being released. It’s like the little buds of green shoots in the spring pushing up from the dark earth. Notice and nurture the small and little sprouts of love, kindness and creative thinking, within yourself and others. The essential and new is going to be found in the quiet, sublime and unformed. Put energy into action.

As we transcend karma, we are being given access to a new cycle of creative manifestation. Do what you know in your heart is right, just and caring for yourself and for all others and the earth. You can wipe away and transcend your individual karma, by engaging and contributing to the collective good.

We are in powerful beginning time of rebuilding the energy of the earth in a new way and fortunate to be here at this time.

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