The Beauty of the Other Side

Have you ever wondered how much our loved ones’s see and know about us after they pass over? The following is a short excerpt from my latest book I”m Still With You: Heal and Evolve with Your Loved Ones on the Other Side

Life on the other side with its infinite possibilities, is a mystery. We often think of the other side as a place that is far away. We’ve never seen the other side through our telescopes and our astronauts have never landed in the place where our loved one’s go. To understand the other side, it’s important to remember that it is not so much a tangible location as it is a vibration. We humans reside in the densier vibrations that allow us to experience physicality. The spirit realm is a lighter vibration. However, like a two-sided coin, night and day or the yin and yang symbol, the physical and spiritual worlds are connected and compliment one another. 

After leaving the physical body, we become increasingly aware of the peace and beauty of the spirit realm. As the burdens of the earth life are released, our spirit environment comes into greater focus. Some of those who I have communicated with on the other side, describe and show me images of ethereal panoramas similar to the physical earth’s sunrise or sunset, but more colorful, sublime and peaceful. Others speak of being in forests, near rivers or streams or on the top of a mountain gazing out at indescribable beauty. Many spirits talk of traveling to the locations that they had always wanted to visit while in the physical realm. I have had those on the other side tell me that they are climbing mountains, visiting exotic locations and enjoying themselves on cruises. 

The earth that those on the other side visit is similar to our physical earth. However, they experience it in a more pristine and pure state, where there is no pollution, crime, suffering or disharmony. The spiritual earth vibrates at a higher non-physical rate, co-existing with the physical earth but, like our loved ones, it exists in another dimension. 

Those on the other side perceive physical earth activity through a kind of film or mist. They may be able to see us, feel our feelings, know our thoughts and sometimes intuit the future. However not every spirit is able to clearly perceive everything happening on the earth and with their loved ones. I’ve had clients ask me if those on the other side are able to see and know when they do such things as take a shower, pick their nose or fumble about in a variety of awkward or embarrassing situations. Don’t worry, our loved ones are generally not aware of these kind of activities and have no interest in them. What gets their attention and amplifies their ability to tune into us, is our emotional energy and our thoughts. If you are going through an experience that opens your heart and stirs up your emotions, both positive and not so positive, it is easier for those on the other side to be aware of you.

When you feel love for a loved one, wonder what they might think about a situation you are in or a choice you have to make, they are close. Your love and thoughts of them acts like a laser beam of light. They are quickly by your side, offering love and support.

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