Let Go & Transform

We find ourselves in times of great uncertainty. With so many looming threats, challenges and uncertainties, we are entering new territory. Climate change, Covid, political storms, economic instability and devastating war, are some of the challenges that we find ourselves confronting. Fear, anger, grief and uncertainty rumbles within, somersaulting in our gut, mind and heart. 

Collectively and in varied ways, we mourn the loss of the predictably of life that we have come to rely on. Some invest in denial, doing their best to act as if everything is just the way it’s always been.  Others may place the blame on politics, corporations, greed or those who think, look or act differently than they do. There are some who join the rallying cry of those who promise that by taking on certain beliefs and becoming part of their group they will have safety and more power. Still many wake wake at night with disturbing dreams, grinding  teeth or with stressed induced heart palpitations. What had once relied on may now seem flimsy and offer no assurance and comfort.

In the midst of individual and collective challenges we are also experiencing an energetic evolutionary expansion. Our world has gotten both bigger and smaller at the same time. The internet has made it possible to be better informed about the day to day lives of others in distant places and enabled us to better understand our commonalities and differences. Our ability to reach out, know and feel what another is experiencing has become less dependent on physicality. We no longer believe that we have to be in someone’s physical presence to be emotionally, spiritually or intellectually connected. As we become aware of other’s suffering and challenges, an empathic spark is ignited..

We hold the virtual hand to those who we have never met when they are ill, depressed, suffering or disappointed. We give advice to the confused and reach out to the lonely offering help and support. Our response to those in need may be to let them know that we are there for them, even if we have never met. We may feel injustice when others are denied basic human rights and bemoan increasing poverty and the ravages of war that others endure. Although we know that the internet and social media attracts many untrustworthy people who do their best to scam and take advantage, many continue to see the best in others with heartfelt concern. That we may be strangers and live hundreds or even thousands of miles away, doesn’t seem to matter. 

Through the virtual intimacy and influence of friends who we have never physically met, we further develop and refine our energetic sensitivity. Their thoughts, emotions and experiences expand our empathic and intuitive awareness. Just as our five senses have given us the ability to understand and live in the physical world, we are beginning to trust energy in a similar way. We are becoming more comfortable using energy information in the form of intuitive emotions, thoughts and insights to guide us. As those things that we have relied on for security and safety becomes less predictable and more shaky, the unknown becomes more known. Our strength and ability to perceive beyond the physical and material expands and is rerouted into a spiritual orientation. 

We are individually and collectively witnessing the impact that this time of great transformation is having all over the world. It may appear that it is only the outer physical and material realm that is changing and in turmoil. However, the roots of this shift are within each of us. When we recognize that this is a call to transform and listen to our inner self, we can begin to move out of fear and stress. Seeking inner guidance and focusing on our own growth, allows the divine presence to become more tangible and accessible.

When we listen within we are reminded that the everlasting true reality is love. This force of love is ushering us into alignment with truth and a new reality. We don’t need to have all the answers or be clever and without problems and issues to embrace this journey. There is a wisdom that is guiding us and we can listen to it and trust it. Through our intuition, gentle nudges, synchronicities and awareness we are led. 

Follow the movement of your heart and listen to the still inner voice of your spirit. Whatever it is that you are holding on to that clouds and dulls the force of love that desires to move through you, let it go. Allow unconscious past resentments, victimization, powerlessness or fear and stress to surface and be released. If there are repressed emotions or unhealed wounds you have stuffed away, heal them. Forgive yourself and others and make peace with your past and present. Free your spirit to rise into conscious awareness and lead you. Encourage whatever wants to fall away, change or transform within you to have its way. False perceptions, limiting beliefs, old programing and self-defeating habits, are not you. You are spirit, soul, eternal being. Move through this time with strength and grace by remembering that you have come to this planet to evolve and change. 

The world is providing us with a mastery class in accelerated change. Meet it and don’t cower from it. We have invited ourselves to be here at this moment in time to experience this chaotic opportunity. Allow your spirit to become more of who you are. Let it lead you through dreams, inner guidance, insights and hope. The higher vision of your life will unfurl and reveal your destiny moment by moment. 

In our voluntary letting go of who we are not, we embrace who we truly are and what life is. Let yourself become empty, so that you can be filled. The practice of letting go is also a welcoming of those things unknown that further our highest good. As we become empty, we better know, see and feel the sure grace of a divine presence that is always with us. Answer its song and touch and move from fear, worry and stress. As we accept loss, we become more aware of the gain. 

The spring whispers of new life and growth. From the cold barren quietness of winter, the song of birds and sprouting green is everywhere. Life cannot die, only transform. 

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