Why Some People Suffer Before Passing Over

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4 thoughts on “Why Some People Suffer Before Passing Over

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  1. I am so glad that I waited to read this email until I was sitting with my aunt in hospice. We couldn’t figure out why she’s staying on, and she’s staying on as I write this . It has helped her grandchildren immensely. Thank you miss Dillard

  2. Perfect timing to read this article with my mother floating from this dimension and the other because of the dementia Thank you for your perspective. I forgot but have always said, you are such a great writer. Understanding and eloquence all in one. How do we best support our love ones while they are attempting to transition? Sherrie I am very grateful I found you in the world Sherrie. Thank you!

    1. Hi Nicole, Thanks so much for the comment. Being comfortable with allowing someone who is passing over to go through their process is helpful. Spirit and our loved ones on the other side are most helpful to those transitioning.

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