The Beauty of the Other Side

Have you ever wondered how much our loved ones's see and know about us after they pass over? The following is a short excerpt from my latest book I"m Still With You: Heal and Evolve with Your Loved Ones on the Other Side Life on the other side with its infinite possibilities, is a mystery.... Continue Reading →

2021 A New Cycle of Creation

An early morning New Year Day message from my Guides In this year 2021, we are being given the opportunity to create anew. The earth karma is very old and set in its ways. In 2020, we experienced the further emergence and surfacing of the karmic patterns that had been set in motion long ago.... Continue Reading →

That Clever Universe

Sometimes the universe, our spirit guides, the great all that is, the divine, higher power, (or whatever understanding you are most comfortable with) gives us a good shaking. This has been that kind of year—and then some. Between the coronavirus and the political surprises, shock and jaw dropping events of this past year, we’ve been... Continue Reading →

Riding the Wave of 2020

Given the challenges, health crisis and turmoil that this year has brought us, I am continually impressed and in awe of you my spiritual tribe. You continue to be grounded, compassionate and understanding. Thank you for being here, for being the light in the darkness and an example to others. While some may find an... Continue Reading →

The Synergy of Love Is Eternal

The following is a short excerpt from my latest book I"m Still With You: Heal and Evolve with Your Loved Ones on the Other Side The moment of our passing out of the physical body and into the spirit realm is a holy and intimate encounter with our creator. It doesn’t matter the cause of... Continue Reading →

You Are Not Alone

Writing and having a book published is not a speedy process. It usually takes me a minimum of two and a half years or more. From the initial idea to when the book is out and about enjoying its freedom can take a decade. I’ve learned to wait patiently for the energy of the new... Continue Reading →

Messages From Spirit Workshop

Sometimes the insight and help we need comes from an invisible source. Nothing happens by accident. There is a purpose behind what we are collectively experiencing with the Coronavirus. Even the most difficult and confusing situation can be transmuted into something of meaning and deeper awareness. It is in challenging times that something profound and... Continue Reading →

Body Talk- Covid-19

Since I predicted a health crisis caused by a new bacteria and a breakdown in health care in 2020, many have been asking me about the future of the virus. Much of what now occurs is dependent on our actions. The future is a work in progress and especially at times of chaos we are... Continue Reading →

Change is Here

On Jan. 1, I posted on facebook a list of some predictions for 2020. My guides always help me with this and when I found myself typing out that we would have a health crisis with new bacterias, I was surprised, but not really We have collectively been moving at an intense pace. Driven by... Continue Reading →

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