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Grace and Co-creating

Have you ever been confronted with a problem and no matter how hard you try you cannot think of a good solution. Your mind races through many possibilities. Examining each one, you go back and forth wondering what to do. The harder you try, the more confused you feel. Then unexpectedly a day or so later, while engaged in a mundane task like doing yard work or folding the laundry a shiver of energy moves up your spine. A light of awareness seems to shine bright and you see the problem and the solution with renewed clarity. There is no guessing or wondering involved. Your mind, body and spirit, your whole being is in agreement. The truth and the way have been revealed. What seemed elusive and distant is now surprisingly obvious.

These magical moments offer us more than solutions. They assure us that we are connected to a mysterious source of awareness that seems to lie outside of our rational grasp. This is a moment of grace, the entry of pure divine energy. Its source is not our thinking, our will or our mind playing tricks.


Grace comes into our lives in a variety of ways. Sometimes we barely notice its arrival. We understand things in a new way, our perspective changes or we realize a new truth in an ahha moment. Other times, grace is noticeably miraculous. What you need shows up in the nick of time. You are offered the job of your dreams. You are able to let go of the anger from a longstanding injustice and forgive the person who hurt you. An illness is cured and an unexpected check arrives in the mail just in time to pay your rent.

In our current paradigm, life is not always this easy. We plan, plot, compete and work hard for what we need and want. Even then we often fall short and continue to suffer. Now, perhaps more than ever, we need the influence of grace. When we rely solely on our finite human thinking we continue to manifest the same limited solutions. This narrow perception has contributed to the individual and global economic, environmental and humanitarian crisis that we find ourselves in. There is a global shift taking place. The divine feminine is re-emerging and leading the way to co-create personal and collective abundance, health, well-being and unlimited possibilities

Even though, grace can seem to be elusive and unpredictable. You can invoke and receive the full bounty of the heavens. In my book, The Miracle Workers Handbook: Seven Levels of Power and Manifestation of the Virgin Mary; I invite you to explore the spiritual message of Mary. She is the divine feminine most powerful expression of grace and mbook5iracles. Thousands of years ago Mary introduced a new paradigm. When she directly, boldly, without fanfare and the need for outside structure and support accepted the miraculous conception, she set in motion a universal evolutionary pattern. Not bound to the repetitive cycle of limited thinking and cause and effect, Mary created the path of grace which is available to all of us. The miraculous conception was not a divine fluke and a one-time only event. We all possess the inherent ability to receive divine energy and create from pure source. This is the birth of miracles.

You are a co-creator. In every moment, thought and perception, the pure divine energy of grace is offered to you. Instead of the automatic and unconscious habit of relying on your conditioned perceptions to transform the events and conditions of your life, accept a new energy and a new way.

Manifesting with the Divine Feminine

Is there a voice inside of you reminding you that miracles are possible?  No matter what might be happening in your life, is there a part of you that knows that your current circumstances can change for the better, in an instant. Listen to it!

It is sometimes hard to believe that financial lack and stress can be replaced by abundance and ease. Every day I give intuitive readings to people who are worried about their finances, job security and their ability to tackle mounting bills and expenses. The world is rapidly changing. The material security that our parents and grandparents relied on is rapidly breaking down and shifting. For many, the ability to live comfortably and make a living is no longer a given. Companies and corporations are going out of business, moving out of the country and downsizing. Traditional institutions and financial strongholds are crumbling and losing power.

In these changing times, we need to tap into new and inspired wellsprings of creative ideas and abundance. Creating from the old and limited patterns of behavior and thinking will lead to the same limited outcomes.

Although change incites fear, it also heralds new opportunities. We are evolving. Collective consciousness is shifting and even though it is sometimes hard to see abundance and prosperity through the fog, there is light and hope. More and more we are realizing that our security is not dependent on traditional sources and we are more aware of how our thoughts, beliefs and emotions shape what we experience.

A new way is dawning. Reliance on external power is being replaced with the awareness of the power of the spirit. Motivated to discover solutions to our pressing needs we are now more willing to explore spiritual solutions.

The universe is ushering us into our next evolutionary step. We are being invited to experience the realm of all possibilities. This is a cosmic push into miracles. The divine feminine is re-emerging to lead us into new ways of creating our good, both individually and collectively.  Although most people identify the Virgin Mary as a silent icon of traditional religion, she is the divine feminine most evolved expression of grace and miracles.

Mary is a spiritual being and master teacher who transcends the parameters of any particular religion or spiritual belief. Unfortunately, for centuries her true message has been denied and repressed.

Previous to the miraculous conception, God was thought of as a judgmental and moralistic male.  Mary took God out of the temple and synagogue and placed the divine within the individual. This awareness of God as a spiritual presence of love and grace was a threat to the religious and political institutions. If the divine spirit resides within self, then the power of the church as the intermediary between heaven and earth would have been diminished. The miraculous conception was viewed as a fluke and a one-time only event. It had to be. If an individual is not bound to the repetitive cycle of cause and effect and has the inherent ability to create from within then temples and churches would have no authority and no claim to divine power.

Mary created a new paradigm.  The ability to receive grace and co-create the miraculous belongs to everyone. In our current times of change and transformation her timeless message and influence is needed more than ever. She invites you to ascend into higher vibrational living.

Here are a few suggestions for co-creating miraculous abundance through the divine feminine.

The miracle of unlimited supply and abundance originates within your powerful spirit. Mary comes to remind you that your spirit is pure energy connected to all that is. You are not your past, your education, your mistakes or your socio-economic status.

You are a spark of the infinite divine.Despite all that you have been through and experienced, Mary’s virginity reminds you that within you is pure spirit. This is your virginity.

When we look outside of ourselves for our good it is easy to believe that money, abundance and prosperity come from external sources. What you desire can then seem to be unattainable and distant, always out of your grasp. Yet, when you become aware of your true spiritual nature, you become one with the source of all that is. Living in abundance and prosperity is your most natural and eternal state of being.

In Mary’s pattern grace is her devoted presence and promise of her intersession. Grace interrupts the momentum of your patterned ways of thinking, acting and manifesting. Not dependent on morality, good, bad or right or wrong, grace transforms and alters the events, conditions and the course of your life. Elevating you into direct contact with divine presence, Mary’s pattern moves you into the center of divine power. Grace lifts you beyond the constraints of cause and effect, karma and the material laws. It empowers you to create from the wellspring of unlimited possibilities, goodness and infinite supply.

Redefine what abundance and prosperity mean to you. Prosperity is not just what you have. It is more than money, wealth and accumulation. Material prosperity is but one aspect of living an abundant life. Love, positive thoughts and feelings, warm connections with others and joy are all part of prosperous living.

Notice the good that comes your way. Become aware of the miraculous at work in your life. Whatever we give energy to expands and grows. The more you notice the miracles that greet you every day the more they will increase. Havegratitude for the small, subtle and the grandiose miracles and they will become common place. No matter much or how little abundance you are currently experiencing, be thankful for it and invite more in.

Grace and the Universal Law of Attraction


     The universal law of attraction states that to attract something into your life you must embody this same energy. Simply stated, likes attract likes. Supported by recent advances in science, this is more than a new-age belief. But here is the rub. To receive abundance, love, prosperity and all the good that we so much desire, we must know this experience. It must be our strongest magnetic energy. Otherwise we can only attract our illusive hopes or best assumption of what we desire.

Unfortunately many people do not have a strong enough inner experience of what they want to attract. This has been true for me, especially in the area of love. My father left when I was young and my mother was emotionally, spiritually and often physically absent. My desire for love and partnership was built on hopeful wishes and false expectations and this is what I attracted.

It has been through my connection with the spiritual realm that I have been able to shift this deficit. I have leaned on spirit like a lost child making her way through the dark woods.

As most of you know, I am almost the opposite of organized religion. Yet, Mother Mary has been a constant source of love and guidance. Mary is a spiritual being for all people, regardless of spiritual or religious orientation. She is the divine feminine most evolved expression of love and miracles.

Grace transcends the law of attraction. Whatever your circumstances, however spiritual or not you consider yourself, whatever your wounds, mistakes, background or choices have been. Grace fills, heals, replenishes, makes whole and completes. Mary activates grace in your heart, soul, body, mind and spirit. She empowers you to attract and co-create your goodness and abundance despite the conditions of your past and present.

I hope that you will consider learning more about Mary’s powerful message. The events of her life are a paradigm for living in the ascended energy of grace, synchronicity, intuitive communication with the spiritual realm and miracles.