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Need:The Great Equalizer

People view psychic awareness and medium ability in all kinds of ways. For some, it is paranormal excitement and a break from the hum drum of everyday life. Others are mostly skeptical and need to have some kind of scientific proof in order to believe in anything outside of the parameters of the third dimension. Of course this kind of proof is never fully believed even when produced. A more metaphysical approach to psychic ability seeks to understand it through the lens of cutting edge physics and the deeper workings of the mysterious cosmos. For some it is a natural and normal way of being in the world. Many of us approach psychic energy through a combination of all of these. Yet, whatever orientation you may have, when we confront personal loss, pain or when we struggle it all becomes very personal. We jump the barriers of our belief systems and look for answers where ever we can find them. Need is the great equalizer.

Many of the people who I work with are ready for this kind of leap into the unknown. Even though they may have never imagined that they would be consulting me. After having suffered loss, the unexpected death of a loved one or in the midst of crisis or simply looking for answers. People contact me when they need direction. I do my best to be completely present and provide the best possible reading. Receiving guidance from the loving and wise spiritual realm and your guides and angels can open new doors and possibilities. Just knowing that we are loved, known and cared for is healing and uplifting.

As a medium I work with people who have lost loved ones through illness, drug overdose, suicide, accidents and unknown causes. When their loved ones in spirit come forward and communicate to them through me, the full circle of life revels itself. Yet, even when we know that they are happy and alive in spirit, we still miss them and we still grieve their absence. Life can be beautiful, loving and wonderful, but it can also be painful, lonely and difficult. It is no one’s fault what hand we are dealt. The divine works through all things and orchestrates a mysterious plan for our lives. Who comes into our experience and who leaves, is a secret the soul only lets us in on, on a day-to-day basis.

My son’s girlfriend recently took her own life. It was unexpected, shocking and left all of us filled with grief and sadness. Growing up in foster care and diagnosed with a mental illness, she had many challenges. My son felt that he could help her. Some wonder if I knew if this was going to happen. Being psychic has its pitfalls. Knowing that something is going to happen, does not mean that we can change it. About a year before my mother’s death, I knew that she would confront an illness that would end her time here. In my son’s case, I knew that the relationship was destined to be devestating.  But despite my concern and warnings he felt a connection with her and chose to pursue a relationship.  

It has been difficult to watch my son suffer. Like many mothers, I would do anything to take this pain from him. But of course I cannot. I have no control and no special magic to change the great wheel of life and death.

Going through this crisis with my son has helped me to be more mindful of the vulnerable state that many are in when they seek me out. I know that it is not always easy to come see someone like me. It is a precious gift to be trusted to communicate with those on the other side. I do my best to not take it for granted. For me psychic and medium ability is a way to express love and caring. We are all in this together and we all have different gifts to express and give. It comes down to our ability to be there for one another. To step outside of ourselves, open our hearts to others and recognize the great kindness that we are all capable of.