Five Questions to Ask Your Body

True health is more than a lack of disease or pain. Emotional, mental and spiritual well-being all contribute to our overall experience of good health and positive satisfaction with ourselves and life. The new and evolving heath paradigm includes empowered self-awareness and a taking back of our power to actively participate in creating optimum mind,... Continue Reading →

Q & A –Me and Medical Intuition

Develop You Medical Intuition is being translated into Danish. Here is an excerpt from an Interview I did with the Danish publisher for their catalog. 1) What does it mean to be a medical intuitive? Simply stated a medical intuitive is able to become aware of physical/mental/emotional and spiritual health energy information without reliance on... Continue Reading →

Use Your Intuition to Lose Weight

Would you like to lose a few pounds or more? Have you have ever had difficulty losing weight? No matter what you eat and how much you exercise, do you find that you are unable to lose and might even continue to gain weight. Your natural intuition can be a powerful ally in losing weight... Continue Reading →

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