Intuiting Solo

Have you had moments of crystal clear intuitive awareness? Do you sometimes feel that there is an inner presence that is leading and guiding you and acting in your best interest? Have you ever felt a shiver of excitement move through you when a spontaneous intuitive insight is proven true and correct? These are a... Continue Reading →

The Subtle and Powerful You

To take the leap from receiving random spontaneous intuitive insights to intuitively accessing reliable energy information, you must know who you are. You are spirit, connected to all-knowing, wisdom and love. Your spirit is indestructible, eternal and the source of your intuitive knowing. Begin to identify yourself with this part of you. However subtle and... Continue Reading →

Intuition and Religious Suppression

I was recently asked this question: Was just wondering how Christianity fits into all of this. Many Christians say that anything to do with psychic abilities comes from the devil, in order that the devil claims a hold on you. I’m a Christian, and I feel I have some sort of gift, but friends would... Continue Reading →

Need:The Great Equalizer

People view psychic awareness and medium ability in all kinds of ways. For some, it is paranormal excitement and a break from the hum drum of everyday life. Others are mostly skeptical and need to have some kind of scientific proof in order to believe in anything outside of the parameters of the third dimension.... Continue Reading →

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