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Thinking Intuition

10678682_793459830711439_9158001403309668299_n         In my work as a professional intuitive I have discovered that intuition surfaces in four primary ways, through our emotions, our spirit, and the physical body and through the mind. I call these different intuitive modalities your intuitive type. You are most likely a combination of two or more primary types. (In my book, Discover Your Psychic Type there is a quiz that will help you to decipher your intuitive strengths and weaknesses)

Although thinking and intuition may seem to be at opposite ends of one another, they can be quite compatible. A mental intuitive absorbs energy information through their thoughts, instantaneous knowing, quick insights and ahh moments. Often naturally telepathic, they are able to tune into the thoughts of another or a group and can intuit future trends and solutions to common problems

Because their intuition surfaces through ideas, understanding systems and insight, they can often be found in such fields as science, medicine, technology and cutting edge research, innovation and invention.  Quite often mental intuitives do not recognize their intuitive insight as anything other than their own thinking. They love to intuit, but they do not always recognize their own often insightful and usually exacting intuitive ability. I love it that Steven Jobs, clearly a mental intuitive, claimed his intuition as a strong and valuable asset.

Of intuition he said: “Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drowned your own inner voice. And most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

If you are a mental intuitive, recognizing and encouraging your natural intuition will empower you to make the best use of it. The mental intuitive’s biggest challenge may be to differentiate between the constant mental chatter of the thinking brain and the insightful flow of unbiased clear intuition. Begin the process by making the assumption that you are intuitive. The simple intent of acceptance will save you much time and effort, over-thinking and guessing as to whether or not you are intuitive. Mental intuitives have the tendency to get bogged down in inner arguments and intense focus.  Attempting to figure out and logically discern intuitive thoughts just doesn’t work.  Instead, a relaxed, lucid, even day-dreamy imaginative thought flow, is the optimum state to achieve. Find something that soothes the brain. Listening to music, exercising, especially running and swimming, driving through the countryside, doing mundane physical tasks, such as mowing the lawn, folding the laundry, creative activity such as painting or gardening, anything that gives your mind something to focus on without over-thinking, helps. While your brain is busy, your intuition will take this as an opportunity to sneak into your consciousness. You may have had this experience. We often call it an ahha moment when out of seemingly nowhere we receive an answer or understanding that has previously eluded us. 

The obvious activity that many people “think” should work and be helpful is meditation. While meditation has many benefits and certainly the ability to tune into your intuition is one of them, all too often, people expect too much and put pressure on themselves to quickly achieve a calm and clear mind. Unfortunately instead of peace this only promotes frustration and stress, not exactly what you were aiming for.  If you regularly meditate or you find that you can easily achieve a quiet receptive state by all means jump in, if not, know that there are other ways to tune within and receive intuitive information.

The next step is to be become aware of the difference between your intuition and your thinking mind. Unlike the chattering of endless thoughts, intuitive knowing is awareness that emerges as a cohesive whole. It is not a step by step logical process. You simply know. This knowing may be accompanied by a slight or sometimes pronounced, buzz of energy or tingling sensation. With your intuition there will be a moment, when you simply know that a thought or insight is true and authentic. I give readings most days of the week for people all over the world and I have been doing this for many years. Yet, almost every day I receive information that surprises me. This is another common indicator that you are receiving intuitive information. You will be surprised and even a bit jolted by a new insight. The thinking mind can only tell you what it knows. It will feed you information based on your beliefs, past experiences, judgments, biases and education. Your intuition could care less if you believe or trust what it broadcasts your way.  Even if you reject an intuitive knowing as impractical nonsense, it will return and persist.

This brings us to the next step. The art of developing a receptive and open mind and learning how to simply listen without letting the thinking brain take over. When you feel you are receiving intuitive information or are not sure but suspect it is possible, stop and listen.  This of course, is not so easy for the mental intuitive. The mental intuitive’s brain at work might look like a house overly decorated with streaming flashing lights at Christmas. You know the ones where people come from miles around to view and marvel at the time, expense and sanity of those who devote their lives to creating the visual wonder. Instead of lighting up all of your circuits, pull back, take a deep breath, and listen.  Train your brain to accomplish this and you will soon be amazed at your intuitive capabilities. Think of yourself as a reporter covering a story. Your job is to listen and if possible write down what you receive. That is it. Do not try to figure it out, understand the why, when, how and who. Just accept what you receive in its entirety. You can at a later time let loose the thinking brain and let it mull over what it is that you have intuited.

Okay, mental intuitive, you are well armed (or at least beginning steps armed).  Boldly intuit the stuff that we need figured out. You are our tough minded, solution seeking, discoverers, writers, liberators, cutting edge inventors and creators. The world needs you just about now.

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Four Misunderstood Intuitive Signals

10405683_10154294606595247_7741343829002372226_nWhen we listen to our intuition something magical happens. Despite the conditions and difficulties that confront us, a way is made, a door is opened and the wisdom and grace of the universe flows into our lives. We are so accustomed to using our logic and reason to make choices and decisions, we all too often, disregard subtle intuitive guidance.

When we listen to and act on our intuition, unexpected and often surprisingly useful help comes our way. Yet, intuitive insight gives us even more than practical and concrete guidance and direction. It reminds us that we are more than we believe ourselves to be. There is a subtle and often mysterious transcendent presence that moves through our heart, mind and spirit. It connects us to one another and to a greater wisdom than our thinking minds can fathom. Intuitive awareness gives us insight about ourselves and the universe. It is the doorway through which the soul’s wisdom and love surfaces.

Our intuition continually sends us signs and signals, some we notice but many we disregard and are oblivious to. We are inclined to believe that receiving intuitive guidance is markedly  different then the way that we receive information through our other senses. Yet intuitive insight and awareness is intertwined throughout our moment to moment thoughts, feelings and experiences. 

Here are some often Misunderstood ways that your Intuition surfaces.

Your Thoughts: 

Although there often seems to be a discernible difference between thinking and intuiting, intuitive messages often emerge through our thoughts. Intuitive thoughts come into our awareness complete and as a cohesive whole. Finite mind chatter thoughts stream into our consciousness in a more linear way, one thought leads to another, then  another. They may cause confusion and doubt or leave us with more questions. Intuitive thoughts are ahha moments that assure us with a flash of knowing of their accuracy and truth.

For example: While driving the car or doing another repetitive task, the sudden surprising awareness of the solution to a pressing problem, is likely an intuitive thought.

Your Feelings and Emotions:

With a little awareness and focus you can become aware of the difference between an intuitive emotion and one that is being generated through biological and physiological responses. Most of our emotions and feelings originate in what we think and believe or are prompted by physical or mental unconscious triggers. Intuitive messages that emerge through your emotions are often sudden, all consuming and may seem inappropriate to the situation. They quickly shift us into unexpected feelings and emotions that are unrelated to our current thoughts.

Intuitive energy information may move through you as unexpected feelings of comfort, love and compassion that seem to contradict your current situation or emotional state of being.

For instance: In the midst of grief and loss, the sudden comforting feeling of peace and love that heals our heart and soul, is most likely an intuitive emotion.

Emotions such as fear and stress may also be intuitive messages that come to alert you to be cautious and extra aware of your environment or other conditions.

For instance: Feeling surprising stress about driving your usual route to work one morning despite no recent issues or problems, is likely an intuitive message.

Physical Sensations:

Physical sensations can be triggered by intuitive energy information. A tingling up your spine, the hair on your arms standing up, a feeling in the pit of your stomach or a buzzing in your head are common intuitive signals. They differ from physical sensations derived from normal biological processes like digestion or muscle twinges, in that intuitive physical sensations usually come with an instantaneous awareness, knowing or feeling.

For instance: The gut feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is not right about the contract that you are about to sign, is likely an intuitive message.

Unexpected Changes:

Intuitive messages often show up in our lives through events and conditions that unexpectedly fall apart or bring us good fortunate and positive benefits.

For example: Have you have done everything that you can to organize and execute a plan or project and something seems to come out of nowhere to put an end to it or to divert the expected outcome? Has a spontaneous opportunity or a surprising success ever easily and unexpectedly come your way?

These kinds of situations are a type of intuitive message that come into our lives to inspire and align us with our true soul path. They differ from plans that fall apart through lack of hard work and preparation or opportunities that come to us that steer us away from our highest good through wishful thinking and empty illusion. Outer intuitive messages that emerge through changes in our current plans and direction, transform us on a deep level. We inwardly sense that what has occurred in not an accident or lucky chance. Recognizing this as a call to a new path we are given the choice to trust our inner knowing or continue to ignore the signs. When we choose to pay attention and accept the wisdom of the message, we are never sorry. Good things come, even if we are initially frustrated or resistant.

Intuitive messages come to you from the core of your authentic self. They are the voice of your heart and soul. As subtle as they may appear to be, trust the little voice inside of you that alway recognizes truth.

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Discover Your Psychic Type

The Most Common Question about Psychic Types

  1.    I am thankful that you are so willing to receive emails. I just purchased your book
    Discover Your Psychic Type, and I took the test to see how I scored. I
    scored 45 on emotional, 45 on mental, 45 on physical and 35 on spiritual.
    I wanted to know how this is possible to be all of these things. Is there
    not something that I am strongest in? I read the sections on each of the
    three and I seem to fit all of them… do you know what would allow me to
    be all of these?

Thank you so very much for your time.


Intuition is not “one size fits all”. It is as
unique as you are. My book, Discover Your Psychic Type, will
help you to understand the way your intuition naturally surfaces. There are
four different modalities through which your intuition will surface. The four
basic types are emotional, mental physical and spiritual. By taking the quiz in
the book you will become better aware of how you innately intuit and how to
further develop your natural intuitive tendencies. Just as we all have
strengths and weaknesses in the way that we learn and retain information, we
all have innate strengths and weaknesses in the way that we intuit. I can
absorb and quickly comprehend visually, yet, I easily drift off into la la land
when listening to lectures or any other kind of auditory learning. When it
comes to my intuition I naturally absorb energy information through my emotions
and my energy field. As far back into my childhood as I can remember, I knew
how others felt and I reacted to the unspoken emotions of others without being
aware that I was doing this. You too, in subtle and sometimes startling ways,
absorb intuitive information through your emotions, your thoughts, your
physical body or your energy field.

To quickly sum up the types, an emotional intuitive
naturally absorbs energy information through emotions. They are natural
empaths. Despite time and distance, they can intuit the emotions and feelings
of others, especially those they are closest to. Mental intuitives are
naturally telepathic in that they can effortlessly tune into others,
individuals or groups, thoughts and ideas. Physical intuitives absorb intuitive
energy into the body. They feel their intuition in their gut. Prone to
unconsciously taking in other’s energy, they often feel unexplained, aches and
pains, especially headaches, stomach aches and chronic tiredness. Spiritual
intuitives respond to intuitive energy through the energy field or aura. This
is the invisible electromagnetic field which surrounds all living creatures.
They likely will dream of others or future events and they may be able to
“see” or tune into angels, ghosts or loved ones on the other side.

While each intuitive type has certain typical ways of tuning
into energy information, your intuitive type also describes the way that you
connect with yourself, others, the unseen realm and the divine. For instance,
emotional intuitives are soulfully attuned to divine love and long to help and
heal others. While mental intuitives are idea and big picture people, who
understand patterns, systems and have a drive to make sense of this crazy
world. A physical intuitive is connected to the natural world and often a
champion for protecting mother earth and all of her creatures. The spiritual
intuitive lives in two worlds, the
ethereal and the physical and is often a messenger for the beyond. You
are a combination of all of these types.

The most common question that I am asked about intuitive
types is “I feel like I am intuit in more than one way” or “I
took the quiz in  your book and my scores
for each type are close to one another, which type am I”?

We have a tendency to think in absolutes. “I am
this” or “I am that”. When it comes to your intuitive type you
are, in varying degrees, a combination of all four types. Your intuition does
not operate in black and white. Most likely, you will have one type that is
your primary method of intuiting, but you will also intuit through all four
types. The optimum is to be balanced and to able to consciously utilize all
four modalities of intuiting.

The key is to be conscious of how and when you are
intuiting. Intuition becomes problematic only when we are unaware of its
presence and power. For instance, an emotional intuitive is prone to feeling
and responding to others emotions without knowing that they are doing so. They
may wake in the night feeling the fear or stress of a loved one who is miles
away. Not sure of the origin of these feelings can be disconcerting and
confusing. A physical intuitive might unknowingly take on another’s headache or
get an upset stomach when a loved one is in distress. Quite often when I do
medical intuitive work, my body feels the aches and pains of the person I am
working with. A spiritual intuitive might dream of others or worldly events and
wake perplexed and unsure of why they had the dream and what to do with the
information they received. The mental intuitive who is unaware of their
intuitive modality is prone to absorbing the thoughts and ideas of others and
becoming overwhelmed with mental chatter and ADD like tendencies.

There are strengths and weakness in all four types. When you
are conscious of the way you are receiving intuitive information you can steer
clear of obstacles and sail freely into the vast sea of psychic possibilities.
Happy Intuiting!