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Intuit YOUniversity, Develop Medium Abilities Level One

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Learn the beginning steps of how to communicate and connect with your Loved Ones
on the Other Side.
We all have innate medium abilities that can be further developed.
From the book You Are A Medium
this podcast teaches level one of mediumship


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Use Your Intuition to Lose Weight


Would you like to lose a few pounds or more? Have you have ever had difficulty losing weight? No matter what you eat and how much you exercise, do you find that you are unable to lose and might even continue to gain weight. Your natural intuition can be a powerful ally in losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet.
Many people have an ongoing struggle with gaining unwanted pounds and are confused and discouraged by their failed attempts to maintain their optimum weight. Although we would like to believe that issues with weight are purely diet and exercise related, your thoughts, emotions and energetic vibration also contribute to weight gain. Your intuition can be a surpassing source of insight and help in becoming aware of these nonphysical influences and in reaching and maintaining your optimum weight

Tune Into Your Emotional Connection to Food
Although we are aware of the healthiest foods and how much to eat, we often find ourselves overeating and consuming nutritionally low and high calorie food. We do not do this because we are hungry. Instead, we often reach for food in an attempt to satisfy and deal with difficult and confusing emotions and feelings. Food changes brain chemistry and some foods can trigger temporary feel good emotional and psychological responses. Emotions such as stress, loneliness, anxiety, sadness, exhaustion and anger, can be uncomfortable. Certain foods provide soothing chemical reactions which regulate our moods and suppress our feelings.
Emotions and our desire to eat are powerfully linked. Your intuition can be a valuable tool in helping you to tune into and heal the underlying emotional energy that leads to weight gain.
Try This:
Before you head for the kitchen to satisfy a hunger craving, sit quietly and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Continue to breathe deeply and release any stress and tension in your body as you exhale.
Focus your awareness within and ask yourself either aloud or silently what you are feeling. Gently repeat this question a few times. Allow any emotions to surface. Put a name to them and continue to breathe and allow as much feeling and emotional energy to surface as possible.
Listen to the feeling or emotion and dialogue with it. What is it saying to you? Listen and ask what you can do to heal and calm these emotions and come into a state of inner peace and calm. Breathe and trust what you receive.
Ask for the presence of love and allow it to transform these feelings.
Tune Into the Energy Of What You Are Eating
We often look to food to satisfy our desires, needs, emotions and insecurities. Food no longer becomes food. Instead it becomes a substitute for what ails us and a temporary fix. When you become aware of your projections, you discharge food of its illusionary allure and appeal. You know it for what it is.
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Try this:
Next time you have a craving or desire to eat, sit quietly and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Continue to breathe deeply and release any stress and tension in your body as you exhale.
Hold some of the food that you desire to eat in your hand. Intuitively tune this food and allow the thoughts, feelings and desires that you have projected onto it to surface. One by one listen to what you receive and become aware that this energy has nothing to do with the food that you are holding. When you feel that all of your thoughts and feelings have surfaced continue to breathe and relax.
Now, intuitively tune into the true energy of the food you are holding. What is its vibration? Is it vibrant and life giving or inert? If this food could speak, what would it be saying? Will it strengthen or weaken your body, mind and spirit?
Know that you have a choice. This food is probably not able to transform difficult and uncomfortable emotions or negative thoughts. If there is a positive feeling that you get from the food you are holding, imagine that you can absorb the good energy of it without eating it. Ask yourself how to take care of yourself without eating the food you are holding.
Tune Into Your Energetic Weight
There is a very real connection between the energetic stress and burdens that you absorb from others and your physical weight. Have you ever talked to someone and felt heavy with their problems or burdens and emotions. After listening to their issues, he or she may walk away feeling lighter while you heavily shuffle out the door. Many loving positive people take on the stress and pain of others not realizing the impact that this may have on their health and well-being.
The energy of others has a very real affect and influence on you. You cannot heal and resolve the emotions that you have unknowingly absorbed from others. Not only do we use food in an attempt to manage our own uncomfortable emotions, we also use food to try and dull and quiet the emotions that we take on from others.
Unconsciously absorbing other’s energy can affect your weight in other ways as well. Your unconscious mind may be converting the energy that you have absorbed from others and your environment into physical pounds. The unconscious mind does not evaluate and reason. It simply responds to the information and data at hand. If you are overburdened and heavy with the another’s energy, the body will accept the message that you are heavy and manifest more physical weight.
Try This:
Intuitively dialogue with your body. If you intuitively feel that you may be absorbing detrimental energy from others, trust yourself. Intend to release and let go of the energetic stress of others. Set yourself free. Imagine shedding all of the heavy low vibrational energy that you may have absorbed. Let go of other’s problems, pains and issues, stress, fear and burdens. Instead feel yourself and those you care about filled with love. Imagine the physical pounds dissolve as you absorb the weightless high vibration of light.
Continue to intuitively communicate with your body, mind and spirit for optimal health and wellbeing.


Psychic, Medium, Medical Intuitive and Best-Selling Author, Sherrie Dillard’s latest book is Develop Your Medical Intuition: Activate Your Natural Wisdom For Optimum Health and Well-Being.



Transform Doubt

sun Behind every genius idea, act of courage, work of art, budding love relationship and step into the unknown, doubt lurks. Following an ahha moment where the clouds of confusion part and we see with clear awareness, there often comes a time of questioning. Self-doubt can make you feel as if you are inwardly divided and at odds with what you know to be your truth. Your creative, inspired and intuitively insightful spirit and your cautious, fear based ego mind seem to be at war with one another. Which one you listen to and act from, depends in part of your past experiences and your self-awareness.
Doubt traps us in a small and dark corner. A form of judgment, doubt arises when we expect certain outcomes. For years I wanted to write a book. I had a lot of ideas, but whenever I started to write them down, I doubted my abilities. I would torture myself with questions like: What if I failed? What if I spend months and maybe years writing a book and I cannot get it published? What if no one reads it or likes what I write? My expectations were high. If I wrote a book I wanted it to be, published, read and successful. Doubts plagued me.
Lacking the conviction that I could be a successful writer, I turned my attention to other areas. I devoted myself to becoming a better and more accurate intuitive and medium and increasing my clientele. I also worked part time as an art therapist at a treatment center for troubled youth. It was in this unlikely environment that my fears and anxiousness about writing was transformed. A large part of my work as an art therapist involved creating stories. To keep the young people engaged and participating I had to creatively dig deep. When they enthusiastically engaged with one of my tall tales, usually an outrageous and ridiculous one, I quickly wrote it down. Hopeful that the next class would also find it as interesting, I began to write without noticing that I was writing. No longer feeling pressure to perform and be successful, my relationship to writing changed. Writing, I realized, helped me to feel alive, vibrant and full of energy. It was a transcendent experience where all of me came together with passion and purpose.
The dread of publishers, others opinions and my own perfectionist self-judgment began to fade and be less important. Writing was no longer felt like a choice. I wrote for my soul, it was the elixir that I needed to feel fully alive.
If doubt is plaguing you here are a few suggestions
Take a break and get away from the project or issue that you feel doubtful about.
Do something that helps you to feel confident and happy, It doesn’t matter what it is. Go for a walk, play your favorite sport, listen to music, watch a good movie or go to a museum.
Be honest about your expectations. Ask yourself the following questions. What are my expectations? Are they realistic? Am I expecting too much of myself”
Be with others who love and encourage you.
Share your feelings with someone that you can trust and who is supportive. Be careful not to confide in those who may have their own doubts and a negative perspective. Learn how to take care of yourself and share your dreams with those who have followed theirs.
Be with those who uplift you and will love you for who you are.
Listen within, for what is right for you.
Spend some time alone. Listen to your heart and your gut. Ask yourself: “If I knew that I would succeed and that everything is possible what would I do?
Trust your intuition.
Make plans and take baby steps.
Write down a plan for what you would like to accomplish and experience. Break it down into manageable steps. Give yourself small daily and weekly goals. Celebrate your progress. It you begin feel doubt take a time out. Refocus on what you have accomplished and what your next steps will be.
Give it your all and remember that choosing the safe sure thing does not necessarily mean that you will be happy, successful or better off. You cannot control outcomes, but you can choose to participate in what brings you joy and what feels right for you.

Manifesting with the Divine Feminine

Is there a voice inside of you reminding you that miracles are possible?  No matter what might be happening in your life, is there a part of you that knows that your current circumstances can change for the better, in an instant. Listen to it!

It is sometimes hard to believe that financial lack and stress can be replaced by abundance and ease. Every day I give intuitive readings to people who are worried about their finances, job security and their ability to tackle mounting bills and expenses. The world is rapidly changing. The material security that our parents and grandparents relied on is rapidly breaking down and shifting. For many, the ability to live comfortably and make a living is no longer a given. Companies and corporations are going out of business, moving out of the country and downsizing. Traditional institutions and financial strongholds are crumbling and losing power.

In these changing times, we need to tap into new and inspired wellsprings of creative ideas and abundance. Creating from the old and limited patterns of behavior and thinking will lead to the same limited outcomes.

Although change incites fear, it also heralds new opportunities. We are evolving. Collective consciousness is shifting and even though it is sometimes hard to see abundance and prosperity through the fog, there is light and hope. More and more we are realizing that our security is not dependent on traditional sources and we are more aware of how our thoughts, beliefs and emotions shape what we experience.

A new way is dawning. Reliance on external power is being replaced with the awareness of the power of the spirit. Motivated to discover solutions to our pressing needs we are now more willing to explore spiritual solutions.

The universe is ushering us into our next evolutionary step. We are being invited to experience the realm of all possibilities. This is a cosmic push into miracles. The divine feminine is re-emerging to lead us into new ways of creating our good, both individually and collectively.  Although most people identify the Virgin Mary as a silent icon of traditional religion, she is the divine feminine most evolved expression of grace and miracles.

Mary is a spiritual being and master teacher who transcends the parameters of any particular religion or spiritual belief. Unfortunately, for centuries her true message has been denied and repressed.

Previous to the miraculous conception, God was thought of as a judgmental and moralistic male.  Mary took God out of the temple and synagogue and placed the divine within the individual. This awareness of God as a spiritual presence of love and grace was a threat to the religious and political institutions. If the divine spirit resides within self, then the power of the church as the intermediary between heaven and earth would have been diminished. The miraculous conception was viewed as a fluke and a one-time only event. It had to be. If an individual is not bound to the repetitive cycle of cause and effect and has the inherent ability to create from within then temples and churches would have no authority and no claim to divine power.

Mary created a new paradigm.  The ability to receive grace and co-create the miraculous belongs to everyone. In our current times of change and transformation her timeless message and influence is needed more than ever. She invites you to ascend into higher vibrational living.

Here are a few suggestions for co-creating miraculous abundance through the divine feminine.

The miracle of unlimited supply and abundance originates within your powerful spirit. Mary comes to remind you that your spirit is pure energy connected to all that is. You are not your past, your education, your mistakes or your socio-economic status.

You are a spark of the infinite divine.Despite all that you have been through and experienced, Mary’s virginity reminds you that within you is pure spirit. This is your virginity.

When we look outside of ourselves for our good it is easy to believe that money, abundance and prosperity come from external sources. What you desire can then seem to be unattainable and distant, always out of your grasp. Yet, when you become aware of your true spiritual nature, you become one with the source of all that is. Living in abundance and prosperity is your most natural and eternal state of being.

In Mary’s pattern grace is her devoted presence and promise of her intersession. Grace interrupts the momentum of your patterned ways of thinking, acting and manifesting. Not dependent on morality, good, bad or right or wrong, grace transforms and alters the events, conditions and the course of your life. Elevating you into direct contact with divine presence, Mary’s pattern moves you into the center of divine power. Grace lifts you beyond the constraints of cause and effect, karma and the material laws. It empowers you to create from the wellspring of unlimited possibilities, goodness and infinite supply.

Redefine what abundance and prosperity mean to you. Prosperity is not just what you have. It is more than money, wealth and accumulation. Material prosperity is but one aspect of living an abundant life. Love, positive thoughts and feelings, warm connections with others and joy are all part of prosperous living.

Notice the good that comes your way. Become aware of the miraculous at work in your life. Whatever we give energy to expands and grows. The more you notice the miracles that greet you every day the more they will increase. Havegratitude for the small, subtle and the grandiose miracles and they will become common place. No matter much or how little abundance you are currently experiencing, be thankful for it and invite more in.